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10 Free Collections of Feminine Logo Templates for Designers

We have collected the best free feminine logo templates – EPS, AI, and PSD – that you can use as a starting point for your next logo design project.


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10 Examples of Unorthodox Shapes Created with CSS

We share ten unorthodox container designs created with CSS that eschew the standard shapes and kick things up a notch in their own way.


10 Exciting CSS & JavaScript Page Transition Effects

These CSS & JS page transition snippets are great for keeping the user interested as new content loads, while having a minimal impact on performance.


15 Free Restaurant & Coffee Shop Menu Templates

We have a fantastic collection of free restaurant & coffee shop menu templates (AI, EPS & Photoshop PSD). You’ll find the menu for your eatery here!


8 CSS & JavaScript Snippets for Making the Search Field Sexy

We have a collection of snippets that take the humble search field up a notch. From simple CSS aesthetic enhancements all the way to JavaScript-infused UIs.


10 Best SVG Filter Resources & Tutorials

SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics have one serious advantage over the regular image formats: they are infinitely scalable which means there is no degradation of quality no matter how big…


10 Incredible Examples of CSS, JS & SVG Logo Design

We take a look at 10 examples of logo design built with CSS, JavaScript and SVG. Some are originals, others are from well-known brands. All are amazing!


10 Examples of Generating Randomness with Code

Since the very first programming languages, coders have used them to generate things at random. While common examples such as numbers and letters immediately come to mind, there is so…


10 Magnificent Code Examples of Morphing SVGs

These examples show that morphing effects can be useful. Sure, they can be silly and fun, but can also serve as a means to subtly attract a user’s attention


8 Stunning CSS & JavaScript Animated Code Snippets for Enhancing Illustrations