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Weekly Design News (N.217)

By on January 7th, 2014 Designer News

This is our popular weekly design news post where we share our favorite design related articles, resources and freebies from the past week.

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Worth Reading

2013 was the year of the battle… Flat Design vs. Realism
Weekly News

Learning Xcode as a Designer by Meng To
If you’re not convinced that Storyboard is the future of CSS or are not directly working with Xcode, this post will at the very least inform you about how to prepare your designs and the limits of what is possible.

The Best of 2013 for Designers by Cameron Chapman
Fantastic round-up from Webdesigner Depot. They have put together their “best of” compilation for designers from last year with more than 130 entries.

Tarantinoing Our First iPhone Application by Codie Westphall
Why you should prototype your UX and skimp on the pixel-perfect mockups.

SVG Drawing Animation by Mary Lou
Here is a little experiment that explores the usage of SVG line drawing animations to precede the appearance of graphics.

What is the DOM? by Chris Coyier
If you are not very sure what the DOM is or does, then this CSS Tricks post is for you!

SVG Files: From Illustrator to the Web by Ian Yates
This useful tutorial takes a look at the basics of taking SVG from Illustrator to the web browser.

Creating Timeless Designs by Addison Duvall
We’ve all seen examples of ‘classic’ design – work that gets talked about for months, years, and even decades after it has served its initial purpose. But what actually goes into creating work of that caliber?

What's Ahead in 2014 for Responsive Web Design?

10 Web Predictions for 2013 by Craig Buckler

What Changed in Web Design This Year

Best WordPress Snippets, Hacks and Tips from 2013 by Jean-Baptiste Jung

Why We Still Need Web-Safe Fonts by Alexander Dawson

New Resources & Services

gulp.js – The Streaming Build System
Weekly News

IceCream – Simple and Light Responsive Grid System
Weekly News

Planetary.js – Interactive Globes for the Web
Weekly News

Fluidbox – Replicating the Medium Lightbox Module
Weekly News

Designer Freebies

Interactive Flat Design UI (HTML5 & CSS3)
Weekly News

Freecons V2 (155 Icons, PSD, AI & EPS)
Weekly News

5 O’clock Shades Icons (16 Icons, PSD)
Weekly News

Modern Social Media Icons (344 Icons, PSD & PNG)
Weekly News

Odin Rounded Font
Weekly News

150+ Animated SVG Icons
Weekly News