• Neat article!

  • MrNoMore9to5

    A good one to point out is the Steve Jobs silhouette.

  • Jeni

    Thanks for articulating it so succinctly. I will be sharing your first paragraph with a client in just a short while to help him understand why it’s so important to SIMPLIFY!

  • sekmo

    I like to think that the arrow in amazon logo is a smile, but also describes that sells many many products, from a to z…

  • I like Tour de France logo,

  • Karma Fanboy #Lover

    esse urso ai no toblerone o-o’ meu deus

  • Duane Doogan

    I never noticed the negative space in the FedEx logo until now either. Even though not obvious, I love it.

  • Arrow in FedEx O_O

  • I discovered the hidden meeding of F1 today. Thanks Chris