Top 5 Web Analytics Apps that are better than Google Analytics

I have now had online for 5 months now, at the beginning I was tracking website visitors and all relevant stats through my web hosts own Analytical Tool as well as using Google Analytics. What I noticed was that the accuracy between the two was staggering (not just 100s of a difference but some days 1000s). Why was that? I have no idea, I really don’t.

So I started using other Web Based Services (Clicky, Crazy Egg and Click Density) to compare. What I noticed was that these services were on a par with Google for accuracy (my hosts Analytics got scrapped) but offered a hell of a lot more detail and info. They were more user friendly, well designed and looked cool as well. Try them all out, and find the one you prefer. In my case I now use 3 out of the 5. Beware though, its addictive viewing.

1.Clicky Web Analytics

Description: Clicky is a Web Analytics tool that can be used with any type of website (html, ajax and Flash), it offers what I believe the best and most information you could ever want to know. The Dashboard is easy to read and very well styled, the list of features is amazing. You have to try this.
Sign up and you can use the Pro version for 21 days, and when this expires you can use the Basic for ever. Don’t be put of by the Basic version it offers a great list of features as well.

2.Crazy Egg Web Analytics

Crazy EggDescription: This a great with a difference, it doesn’t just give you the normal Analytical Stats it offers tips on how to improve your sites SEO, your user Trends, and were you need improvements on your site. It does this by using a Heatmap Overlay of your site (very cool), get the details on each individual element of your site and view a full summary of raw click data.

3.Cownt Us Visitor Tracking

Cownt Us Visitor TrackingDescription: Cownter is a service that allows website visitors to see how many people are currently looking at different pages within the site. When a visitor mouses over a LINK, a small bubble pops up telling them how many people are currently on that page. Handy Tool.

4.Click Density Analytics

Click Density AnalyticsDescription: This is similiar to Crazy Egg Web Analytics (Tagline: ‘Clickdensity is not another statistics or web analytics tool – instead it allows you to analyse the user experience and identify usability and information architecture issues that would have been impossible to identify without it.‘). They aren’t wrong, this a pretty well detailed analysis of your site, not as detailed as Clicky, nor does it look as good Crazy Egg, still its worthy of a try. (I use this).

5.W3 Counter Analytics

W3 Counter AnalyticsDescription: W3Counter is a free web tracker for your website or blog. you get detailed analysis of your site traffic and a live view of what your visitors are doing right now. You’ll learn what sites and searches bring you the most traffic. Easily see which pages are most popular, and which your visitors choose to leave from. Know the browsers, platforms and screen settings your visitors use, where they’re from and what language they speak. (I haven’t tried this, but it does look good)

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