15 Excellent Icon Designers, 15 Phenomenal Portfolios

These are my favourite icon designers. Visit the sites and have a look around there phenomenal portfolios. You will not be disappointed.
Here it is: 15 Excellent Icon Designers, 15 Phenomenal Portfolios.

1. Everaldo Coelho (http://yellowicon.com/)

Yellow Icon

2. Dirceu Veiga (http://dirceuveiga.com.br/eg/)

Fast Icon

3. Justin Dauer (http://www.pseudoroom.com/)


4. Wacky Pixel (http://www.wackypixel.com/)

Wacky Pixel

5. Stefan Dziallas (http://www.iconwerk.de/)

Stefan Dziallas

6. Nyanko Teacher (http://susumu.seph.ws/)

Nyanko Teacher

7. Icon Drawer (http://www.icondrawer.com/)

Icon Drawer /></a></p>
<h3>8. Iconka (<a href="http://www.iconka.com/free.html">http://www.iconka.com/free.html</a>)</h3>
<p><a href=Iconka

9. Kol (http://-kol.deviantart.com/)


10. Icon Texto (http://icontexto.blogspot.com/)

Icon Texto

11. Jordan Michael (http://www.jm-artstudio.com/)

Jordan Michael

12. Miles F. Ponson (http://www.cocoagrove.com/)

Miles F. Ponson

13. westendgirl1984 (http://westendgirl1984.deviantart.com/)


14. Pixel Resort (http://pixelresort.com/)


15. Walrick (http://walrick.deviantart.com/)


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