Introduction to Smashing Magazines Design Blog Network

Over the last weekend, Smashing Magazine has not only had a major face lift, it also introduced everybody to the Smashing Network. And we are we are delighted to be apart of it.
You can read the original article here: Smashing Magazine’s Redesign and Smashing Network.

What is the Smashing Network?

“The idea behind the network is to promote high-quality content on the Web design scene and to make it worthwhile for publishers to produce useful and interesting design-related articles. We want our community to benefit from these articles and support the publishers with direct traffic from the Smashing Magazine.”

From Smashing Magazine.

The Smashing NetworkBasically, Smashing Magazine has teamed up with 18 other design magazines, among those are Webdesigner Depot, Noupe, SixRevisions, UX Booth, Hongkiat, ThinkVitamin, Web Designer Wall,, Boagworld, Onextrapixel and, of course, Speckyboy Design Magazine. Only high quality articles from each blog are featured on Smashing Magazines front page, giving readers, not only a wide selection of articles, resources and tutorials, but also guarantees high quality writing.
Every network member has its very own channel (page), which has recent posts and Twitter updates, and the reader also has the option to subscribe via RSS to any network member they choose.
The Smashing Magazine Network Blogs.
Speckyboy Design Magazine Network Page.

Smashing Network Video

Onextrapixel has created a fun introduction to the network, it includes a lot of fast motion that demonstrates the high velocity and power of information sharing over the web. It also introduced the various blogs that feature within the network.

Thanks to Smashing Magazine

Maybe you know or maybe you don’t, but I am a regular writer on Smashing Magazine (you can view my author page here: Paul Andrew), I also write for other design blogs as well as run Speckyboy Design Magazine. The accumulation of all these factors, including the network, has allowed me to be a full time freelance design writer.

Thanks to Vitaly Friedman (Smashing Magazine Chief Editor) and all the staff over at Smashing Magazine for organising and pioneering an exciting time for web and graphic design writing and offering readers a wide range of high quality articles and resources.

OK…I better get back to writing…speak to you soon.

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