20 Free Tailwind CSS Web Templates for Designers & Developers


Tailwind CSS is a utility-first CSS framework for creating custom web pages quickly. Unlike traditional CSS frameworks that offer predefined components, Tailwind provides low-level utility classes that let you build unique designs directly in your HTML markup, giving you the flexibility to customize layouts without having to override any styles or navigate through complex CSS files.

Tailwind offers a practical, efficient, and customizable solution for modern web design challenges. These factors have contributed heavily to its growing popularity among developers and designers.

  1. Speed & Efficiency: Tailwind speeds up the development process. You can style elements directly within HTML, reducing the back-and-forth between HTML and CSS files and making the process more intuitive.
  2. Responsiveness & Flexibility: It includes a wide range of responsive, mobile-first utility classes that make it easy to build adaptable designs without custom CSS.
  3. Customization: Tailwind is highly customizable. You can quickly adapt the default theme to match your project’s branding, creating a consistent look and feel across your website or app.
  4. Community & Ecosystem: Tailwind CSS has a strong and growing community that contributes to a rich ecosystem of plugins, tools, and resources. This community support makes it easier for you to find solutions to problems and learn best practices.
  5. Minimalistic Approach: By focusing on utility classes, Tailwind encourages a cleaner HTML structure with less code, leading to lighter websites and better performance.

Whether you’re looking for a simple portfolio or an eCommerce layout, these templates will lay the groundwork to help get your project up and running quickly. We selected each template based on its design quality, how easy it is to customize, and overall usefulness.

Tailwind CSS Blog Templates

These templates offer a range of styles for anyone who’s looking to create a simple blog. They all have a clean and basic design, making it easy to customize to match any brand or personal style.

Tailwind Dev Blog Template (Free)

Dev Blog is a simple Tailwind CSS template for web developers who want to launch a blog quickly. It features a two-page layout: a grid-styled homepage and a single-column blog page, ready for your personal customization.

Dev Blog Template Tailwind CSS

Stablo Tailwind Blog Template (Free)

Stablo is a minimal and modern Tailwind CSS web template with a grid-layout homepage and single-column blog pages. It was built using Next.js and Sanity CMS and supports both light and dark modes.

Stablo Blog Template Tailwind CSS

Blogza Tailwind CSS Blog Template

Blogza is a premium Tailwind CSS template with seven homepage layouts, including a card-style grid layout and standard single-column options. Its simple, clean design is ideal for personalized styling.

Blog Page Template Tailwind CSS

Atlas Blog Template for Tailwind (Free)

Atlas is a clean, minimal Tailwind CSS template with a single-column layout. It offers light and dark modes, syntax highlighting for web developers, and includes pages for an introduction, blog, and contact.

Atlas Blog Template Tailwind CSS

Prima Persona Tailwind Blog Template (Free)

Prima Persona is a minimal, one-page Tailwind CSS template with a stunning bento grid layout. It features a clean, modern aesthetic with generous use of negative space and includes both light and dark modes.

Prima Persona Blog Template Tailwind CSS

Blogez Blog Tailwind CSS Template

Blogez is a Tailwind CSS template that offers six unique blog layout styles, all with a three-column card style. Its modern and clean design makes it an excellent choice for a broad range of content creators.

Blogez Blog Web Template Tailwind CSS

Tailwind Toolbox Minimal Blog Template (Free)

Minimal Blog is a starter template designed with a minimal aesthetic and a monochrome color scheme. It offers a single-column layout, features code blocks for technical content, and includes a newsletter subscription component.

Toolbox Minimal Blog Tailwind CSS

Nextjs & Contentful Blog Template (Free)

This web template was built with Tailwind CSS, Next.js, and Contentful. Offering a clean design, it features a three-column grid layout for the homepage and a simple single-column layout for blog posts.

Nextjs & Contentful Blog Template Tailwind CSS

Tailwind Developer Blog Template (Free)

Developer Blog offers a Tailwind CSS template with a three-column card layout homepage, single-column blog post page, about me page, and contact page. Its simple design is ready for your personal customization.

 Tailwind CSS

Tokyo Blog & Portfolio Template (Free)

Featuring a minimal design, this web template has been built with Astro, Tina CMS, Netlify, and Tailwind CSS. It includes homepage, blog, projects, and about layouts, along with a functional rss.xml. It is ideal for web developers.

Tokyo Blog Portfolio Template Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS Startup & Agency Templates

Designed for startups and agencies, these templates will help you to quickly showcase services and projects with a polished look. All templates are flexible to suit various business needs.

Play Tailwind Startup Web Template (Free)

Play is an open-source Tailwind CSS template that includes all components and page layouts needed to launch a complete website. Ideal for design agencies, startups, SaaS, and various other businesses. It features a clean and modern design.

Play Startup Web Template Tailwind CSS

Base Tailwind Agency & Startup Template (Free)

Base is a Tailwind CSS template tailored for agencies and startups. With a modern and spacious design, its homepage comes with twelve different sections and components, catering to a variety of content needs. This is the lite version, the full version is also available.

Base Agency & Startup Template Tailwind CSS

WebAi Tailwind CSS Template

Webai is a complete website template that includes five homepage variations. It offers an extensive collection of pre-built Tailwind UI components and section blocks, making it ideal for startups and technology-related businesses.

WebAi Template Tailwind CSS

TW Agency Tailwind Web Template (Free)

TW Agency is an open-source landing page starter template that’s ideal for various types of agencies. It includes basic components designed to help get your site up and running quickly.

TW Agency Tailwind Web Template Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS eCommerce Templates

These templates have been built for quickly launching online shops. They all offer simple styling and user-friendly layouts, and are perfect for anyone looking to create a small eCommerce store.

Nordic Store Tailwind Template (Free)

The open-source Nordic Store is an eCommerce single-page web template with a clean grid layout for products and a simple featured product slider. Its minimal design is streamlined for showcasing items elegantly.

Nordic Store Template Tailwind CSS

Shuuz Client Tailwind eCommerce Template (Free)

Shuuz is an eCommerce website template built using Tailwind CSS and Vue 3. It features a three-column homepage layout for showcasing products and a detailed product page. Its modern, minimal design is ideal for quickly creating an elegant online store.

Shuuz Client eCommerce Template Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS Landing Page Templates

These simple Tailwind CSS landing page templates are ideal for promoting products, events, or services.

Nextly Tailwind Landing Page Template (Free)

Built with Next.js and Tailwind CSS, Nextly is an open-source landing and marketing page template. It offers both light and dark styles, features a modern design, and is suitable for a wide range of business projects.

Nextly Landing Page Template Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS Landing Page Template (Free)

This open-source Tailwind CSS landing page template includes a hero header, sticky navigation bar, hover effects, call-to-action buttons, pricing tables, and much more. It is perfect for anyone who needs to quickly create a marketing or business website.

Landing Page Template Tailwind CSS

Upwind Tailwind CSS Landing Page Template

Upwind is a multi-purpose Tailwind CSS template that comes with eight homepage variations and many beautifully designed components. Its modern and clean design makes it perfect for various marketing projects. Both dark and light modes are available.

Upwind Landing Page Template Tailwind CSS

Simple Light Landing Page Template (Free)

Simple Light is a landing page template that has been built with React, Next.js, and Tailwind CSS. It offers all the basic components a web developer needs to quickly create simple landing pages for many different types of marketing and business ventures.

Simple Light Landing Page Template Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS Portfolio Templates

These portfolio templates offer a simple platform for designers and developers to quickly create a basic portfolio or online resume. They are highly customizable, allowing you to style your portfolio exactly how you want it.

Atom Tailwind Portfolio Template (Free)

Atom is a portfolio Tailwind template with a homepage layout and a single-post layout. The homepage features sections for your portfolio, services, clients, work, and blog, all designed for quick portfolio creation.

Atom Portfolio Template Tailwind CSS

BoxModelDev Portfolio Template (Free)

Porto is a Tailwind CSS portfolio and resume web template. With its modular components, it has been designed to showcase your skills, projects, and experience through a clean and modern layout. It is ideal for web professionals looking to stand out.

BoxModelDev Portfolio Template Tailwind CSS

Morex Tailwind CSS Personal Portfolio Template

Morex is a personal portfolio web template with a minimal layout and clean design. With light and dark options, three homepage templates, and numerous useful components, it is perfect for designers and developers looking to create a professional portfolio.

Morex Personal Portfolio Template Tailwind CSS

Getting Started with Tailwind CSS


Tailwind CSS templates simplify web design, offering quick customization and a path to unique, responsive sites. These templates can save you time and help you achieve a professional look with minimal effort.

Explore the wide range of available templates above to find the ideal fit for your next project. Start your search today and improve your next web project effortlessly.

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