Stipple – Fastest Way to Label and Share the Content of Photos

Stipple is a free photo-labeling tool that allows publishers large and small to quickly add info inside images with subtle, translucent dots. The dots lead readers to further information on what’s inside the image, whatever the publisher chooses – from a comment to a product-purchasing page.

Features & Outstanding Attributes


• Is a free service: Add one Stipple dot or thousands for no cost whatsoever.
• Is fast and easy: It only takes a couple minutes to install Stipple, and only a couple seconds to add Stipple dots. If you use the WordPress plugin, it’s an even faster install.
• Doesn’t disrupt the viewing experience: The dots only appear when someone runs a mouse over an image, and the additional information then only appears when the mouse runs over a dot. Images retain their original look, allowing the readers to decide if they want to learn more.
• Allows readers to further interact with content: With Stipple dots, readers are no longer searching below or beside an image to learn more about the content, such as who exactly the person in the image is or where they can purchase a similar item.
• Makes images more visible: Stipple dots can make a publisher’s images more visible to search engines.
• Creates new revenue: By using Stipple product dots, publishers can earn a commission on the products pictured on their images.
• Identifies who’s in your photos: Add people dots that can link to friends on Facebook or people you follow on Twitter.

Getting Started with Stipple

It couldn’t be easier getting started with Stipple, all you have to do is follow these three super-simple steps below:

1. Sign up for a Stipple account
2. Add Stipple to your site(s)
3.Quickly label parts of your images with dots and add some basic info

That is it, you’re done. The next time a reader checks out your site, they’ll see your Stipple dots.

Final Word

As soon as you sign up for Stipple, you will follow step-by-step instructions on how to install and get started to make the most of your Stipple experience. Check out the FAQ or feedback pages for common questions. You can follow Stipple on Twitter @stippleit.

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