Step by Step UI Design Ebook Giveaway – Winners Announced

Last weeks Step by Step UI Design Ebook giveaway has just ended and it is now time to announce our randomnly chosen winners.

Congratulations to the winners, we promise, you will really appreciate this book. You should have all by now received your winner email, if not, please do get in touch with us.

The Winners

Winner Name: Josh Johnson
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Winner Name: Darren Savery
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Winner Name: Joshua Sortino
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Winner Name: Abdurraouf Akra
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Winner Name: Vince
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Short Intro to Step by Step UI Design

Photoshop tutorials are nice, but they always felt a little artificial to me. When you’re a junior designer starting out in an agency, you also learn a lot by watching other people’s design process.

So for my last project, I decided to take screenshots and notes every step of the way to explain my workflow and thought process. It’s a bit like watching over my shoulder as I work, but in the form of an eBook.

I also wanted the info in the book to be applicable to your own projects, so I included more general design tips and principle whenever I could. The eBook has been very successful so far, and I’d be happy to give a couple copies away!

After downloading a sample chapter, you can buy the Regular Edition for only $5.99 or the Premium Edition for $11.99 (the ebook with all of PSDs).

You had better be quick, there are only 12.7 million copies remaining!

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