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In this category you will find articles, tutorials, AI & EPS templates and free brushes for Adobe Illustrator.

Free Vector Chart & Graph Templates

If you have ever tried searching for high quality Chart & Graph templates, you will understand the dilemma and difficulty we had in compiling this round-up. We have also been asked on a number of occasions by a readers to help. For a while we actually thought there wasn’t any. But, thankfully, we eventually found some. We have sifted through…

Sketchy Decorative Elements – Awesome Free Vector Pack

This exclusive vector freebie, from, is a huge Sketchy Decorative Elements vector pack which includes all of the .eps files, Photoshop brush set, .png source files and also includes a small vector freebie, which we are sure you will love. And best of all, you are completely free to use this vector pack within any personal or any commercial…

Beautiful and Inspirational Vector Portrait Art and Tutorials

While most artists may use similar techniques for vector art and portraits, individual artists develop wildly differing styles in the images they create. Some produce photo-realistic images, while others opt for cute cartoon graphics or far-out sci-fi and psychedelic aesthetics. This post brings together 18 of the best examples of vector portraits, and at the bottom of the post you…

Inspiring and Design Defining Film Posters from 1960s

Film poster art in general, is a combination of a carefully selected layout, beautiful typography, imaginative illustration, creative photography and precise color selection. They do not only give you an insight or a glimpse into the film they are promoting, throughout the decades, they allow a keyholes view into the social values, political views and cultural movements of there times….