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Designers & developers, why can we not just get along?

Here’s a question that has been talked about many times, usually resulting in both sides coming away feeling angry and misunderstood. Why can’t developers and designers get along? Now, obviously this isn’t always the case, there are many examples of programmers and designers working together to create beautiful products. As a web designer and entrepreneur I work with programmers quite…


Team Collaboration for Building with Open Source Code

Working together with other developers is the quickest and most efficient way to master backend programming. The art of developing websites in PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, or any other language will take time and lots of practice. But studying with open source code provides the benefits of understanding common structures for setting templates, frameworks, databases, and other features. In…


Streamlining The Front End Development Process With The Gumby Framework

Last month Digital Surgeons launched the latest version of their responsive front-end system, the Gumby Framework. Gumby 2 is a complete re-imagination of its version 1 counterpart. It adds a ton of new features and has been rewritten in Sass to allow for easier customization and maintainability. Many of it’s new features are incredibly helpful in streamlining the front-end development…


Websites That Inspired a Generation

The period at the end of the last millenium was a heady mix of political change, economic optimism and for those working in the digital industries the phonemenon that was the boom and subsequent bust. I was very lucky to land my first job as a web designer during this time – armed with a working if basic knowledge…


Designing for Drupal

In a perfect world, it wouldn’t matter to a designer what content management system a site uses. But for most of us, projects are actually a combination of design and site building. It’s with this last bit that things get tricky. Each content management system that we work with requires a significant investment of time to gain the expertise required…


Exploration of Single Page Navigation Systems

The navigation of most books is linear. You start at the beginning and flip pages until you reach the end. Perhaps reference books are slightly different, and (for those born in the 1980s) Choose Your Own Adventure books had a unique navigation that led the reader to choose their navigation based on the situation described in the book. I’m at…


Storytelling For Freelancers

Several years ago, I worked as an in-house copywriter and designer for a prominent marketing firm. When I first applied for the job I didn’t have any of the credentials my employers were looking for, and yet I got the job anyway, out of a pool of more qualified competitors. Why did I get chosen? The boss liked my story….


Write less, do more: CSS Style

I recently had the good fortune of being put on an exciting project involving a large not-for-profit agency with operations spanning right around the globe. My role was frontend development and the client was well versed with !YSlow analytics so the name of the game here was speed with a capital ‘S’. Trouble in Paradise Midway thru the project, I…


The Dark Side of User Experience Design

User Experience Design became a huge trend in the Interactive Industry. Working as a UX designer, UX manager and finally creating UXPin – I soaked up the design field. Even so, this UX revolution came to me as a surprise. Time for UX Design “Design and marketing aren’t just as important as engineering: they are way more important” says Dave…


The Flat Design Aesthetic: A Discussion

A growing trend in web and UI design lately has been the use of “flat design” and it’s clearly a hot topic at the moment – full of lively discussion and plenty to learn about. I’ve always been drawn to minimalism, so flat design is an aesthetic that has inspired me, especially while working on the recent redesign of QuoteRobot,…


User-Centric Website Design

Website design is a complex process. When I say “complex”, I’m not simply referring to the design and development part. Overall, the thought process and the decision taking stages are complex as well. Thus, right from inception to implementation, getting a website up and running is no piece of cake, especially if you are the type of designer or developer…