Coen Brothers Poster Series: An Artistic Homage to the Storytellers

Creativity and entertainment is always a killer combination. Take up any genre from the entertainment industry, and add to it a touch of creative talent — Boom! You’ve got yourself something that has the prowess to change the world. Perhaps this is the primary reason why celebrities and movie makers command more respect, influence and fan following than representatives from…


Increasing Traffic and Revenue: How to Set Up an Affiliate System within WordPress

Affiliate systems are pretty complex, and this necessitates an appropriately broad and advanced plugin to fully administer the functionality that is considered standard with any such program. Sadly, this means that most of the major plugins for enabling a WordPress affiliate program are paid plugins that place a premium on their advanced features and capabilities. That’s not necessarily a bad…


So, your post went viral, what now?

Every now and then you might find that pot of gold, that magic moment when one of your pages goes viral. That amazing moment when you are the top of the Google listings for SERP and for some reason everyone thinks it’s the thing to share. The perfect scenario that everyone is hoping for, success. Yet despite all this success…


38 Unique and Realistic Free Wood Textures

Are you trying to create something unique? Maybe you are occupied with a project that deals with nature and/or other greenery, but are unable to decide ways in which you can accomplish that awesome wood texture? Worry no more! Today, we bring to you 38 unique and realistic free wood textures that you can take advantage of!


Guide to Building Quality Digital Products for the Web

There are dozens of premium shops and marketplaces to be found all around the Internet. Usually these are popular vendors which sell various types of digital products – e-books, website templates, tutorial videos, icons, graphics, the list goes on for a while. But the idea behind these eCommerce stores is earning money by selling digital goods as opposed to physical…


Next And Previous Links On WordPress Posts

On many WordPress themes you see links at the bottom of single posts which direct you to the previous and next posts of the blog. So, in this short tutorial I am going to show you how to use the built in WordPress functions to create those links. There is a function for both the previous link and the next…


30 Creative and Funny Beer Advertisements

When it comes to advertisements, being creative is not only helpful, but also vital. Print, electronic or online — irrespective of the format, advertisements just have to get it right in the first impression itself. If the advertisement fails to catch the viewer’s eye and does not get the first impression right, it can easily be regarded as a failed…