10 Inspiring UX Design Portfolios


Creating a solid portfolio of your user experience credentials is an excellent way to sell yourself to prospective clients and employers. UX portfolios should show off your creativity, your problem solving skills, your UX process and your ability to create usable, useful, user-centric products.

Having a strong UX portfolio can make the difference between landing your dream job and coming second place, but what makes for a good UX portfolio?

Storytelling, process presentation, good documentation and keeping an eye on your target audience all have a part to play, but so does adding a touch of UX personality.

Here are 10 real-world portfolio examples from UXers worldwide, each incorporating best practices and unique selling points. Let’s take a look at what makes them inspiring.

Anton Mircea

According to UXers Troy Park and Patrick Neeman, prospective employers spend an average of 10-15 seconds looking at a UX portfolio. So it’s vital to make sure you present information clearly and strikingly – there’s no place for waffle.

Multidisciplinary UX designer Anton Mircea’s portfolio makes use of strong visuals to provide an idea of his abilities at a glance. Personalized infographics, timelines, and simplified process flows make Anton’s portfolio dynamic and design-led.

the ux portfolio of Anton Mircea

Jeya Karthika

Product designer Jeya Karthika presents key projects on her compact portfolio website. For each project, Jeya explains her personal role in bringing the product to life.

For example in creating the Android app PitchMojo, she took on the UI design, plus the UX of the app icon’s branding and visuals. By outlining her place within a larger endeavor, Jeya’s portfolio gives a fuller idea of her previous experience.

the ux portfolio of Jeya Karthika

Chris Avore

Nasdaq software designer Chris Avore has a more traditional style portfolio that starts out with a text-heavy CV, but then transforms into a full-on collection of UX processes, case studies and documentation.

Chris lets his technical and organizational abilities shine without putting a text-gloss over them.

the ux portfolio of Jeya Karthika

Tobias Ahlin

Tobias Ahlin gets right down to business in his portfolio claim – “I design and build digital products”. The directness and simplicity of this introduction is reflected throughout Tobias’ digital portfolio, with its dynamic card layout and animations.

Each case study links directly to the final product, and while we would have loved to have more information on Tobias’ UX research process, it’s great to have the results presented without fuss.

the ux portfolio of Tobias Ahlin

Joshua Taylor

Former Evernote Design Director Joshua Taylor, tells compelling visual stories in his UX portfolio.

By identifying the challenge he faced in each UX design project, describing his team’s actions, problems, and solutions, Joshua creates a narrative arc that sells his experience and expertise effectively.

the ux portfolio of Joshua Taylor

Pawel Malenczak

Freelance UXer and Front-end Architect Pawel Malenczak does a great job of creating a portfolio that presents product design as a holistic, full-stack endeavor.

The portfolio incorporates a UX design process workflow before diving deeper into individual projects, each outlined with a concise project brief. We particularly like how Pawel emphasizes how he uses different UX tools to meet different project needs.

the ux portfolio of Pawel Malenczak

Doris Yee

Designer Doris Yee, working under the name Yeedor, has created a fun portfolio that combines the personal and professional to great effect.

With a magazine feel and a ton of case studies, Doris’s portfolio takes a deep dive into each piece of work to which she has contributed; she also distils random data from her own life into perfect infographics, demonstrating her skills in data analysis and visualization.

This style of portfolio wouldn’t work for everyone, but it’s a good option for UX all-rounders who want to inject their personality into their portfolio

the ux portfolio of Doris Yee

Edmund Yu

With 12 years of UX design under his belt, Seattle-based Edmund Yu doesn’t waste time in presenting his user experience credentials. His portfolio relies on images to speak for themselves, distilling text into keywords to describe his role on each project, backed up by UI visuals.

The portfolio also outlines behind-the-scenes processes described through visuals. While the portfolio would benefit from a stronger storytelling approach, what really stands out is the Mentions section, in which Edmund collects testimonials and press snippets about his work. An excellent way to give prospective employers objective proof of your UX worth.

the ux portfolio of Doris Yee

Simon Pan

Uber Product Designer Simon Pan has created a portfolio that foregrounds his UX experience. Outlining the objective and UX process of each piece of work, Simon explains his personal part in bringing the project to fruition before breaking down individual activities and describing how he met challenges.

This step-by-step storytelling is a great way to get readers emotionally involved in Simon’s UX challenges. Also, he tackles Non-Disclosure Agreements head-on, which is the best way to deal with them.

the ux portfolio of Simon Pan

Jackie Ngo

Jackie Ngo works up an impressive CV into a unique UX portfolio. Her experience at Uber, Apple, Beats Music and Zurb is channeled into a ‘meat and potatoes’ buffet of her UX credentials.

Jackie’s presentation style wouldn’t work for all UXers: with Case Study sub-headings such as ‘Bringing sexy back(end)’ and ‘Giving a shit,’ the portfolio is irreverent while still providing a clear overview of Jackie’s role in complex product redesigns.

the ux portfolio of Jackie Ngo

Andrew Doherty

Product and UX Designer Andrew Doherty has built a great portfolio that manages to be both light-hearted and information-heavy. Andrew links images of his day to day work with explanations of the process and best practices behind his activities, before presenting some beautiful UX documentation examples.

Through the portfolio you not only get an understanding of how Andrew applies his knowledge to UX projects, but you also get a feel for the kind of guy he is and how he works in a team.

the ux portfolio of Andrew Doherty

The Final Word

A UX portfolio is a chance to show off your individual skills and personality as a UXer. Show off what you’re good at and don’t worry about addressing weaknesses in an honest fashion.

Write for your target audience (be that clients or specific employers), tell the story of each project you’ve worked on and how you contributed to success directly, and show how you use tools and best practices to build better products. And add a little personality to the mix, like these inspiring examples do; your future UX team members and colleagues will thank you for it.

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