40 Humorous and Creative Photo Manipulations

In this post we have collected some humorous imagery that we know will make you laugh. Many of the images blend 21st-century technology with the natural world and do so in a fashion where different parts of the images are so finely blended with each other that you will not be able to find any discontinuity. They are amazing.

Some of the photo manipulations are pretty strange, others may even shock you, but overall, they will all bring a smile to your face. Enjoy.

Vitakraft-Sweet Dogs

Hair Beard


Team Work



Soldier Squirrel

Fish Land

Robo Chicken


Eat Dog

Road Puller


Shark Jet

Hyundai Coupe Dog

Sildamin Cowboy

Juicy Shark


Space Frog


Melting Point

No vivisection

Chicken Party Poker


Rock music


Road Swimmer


Vertical Turn

Kangaroo & Baby Rhino

Helping Fall

Eyes On Head

Mechanized Squirrel



Zebra Frog

Variety Street

Welcome To X-Fade

Which one did you like the most?

Which image made you laugh the most? Which was the most strange for you? Please tell us in the comments below.


  • very cool manipulations! loved them! :)

  • Chris

    Thats a baby hippo, not a rhino 

  • CUTE…..yet creative!

  • Antonia

    I like the “vertical turn’ 

  • Christine

    Hyundai Coupe Dog and Vertical Turn

  • some of them are really good, I mean you can thing they are for real, but some another have excess on photoshop

  • Inception is the best 

  • I really liked ‘Aquarium’ mainly because it reminds me of my favourite childrens book ‘A fish out of water’ by Alice Palmer. I also love ‘Commonnn’ the image feels full of power and determination.

  • nice….

  • really nice & HILARIOUS!! :)

  • Based on my own opinion, I think those 40 humorous photo manipulations are truly impressive. I really like how those pictures are done and edited. I really like to make my own humorous photo like those photos.

  • Really Cool photos like the Hair Beard!!!

  • primalmedia21

    It’s got to be the Hyundai Coupe Dog. Especially As I drive the V6 version. Outstanding image. Thanks for sharing them all.

  • Some clever images here. The Sh*t image made me laugh.

  • Tauqeer Sulaiman Ansari

    Yup agreed Chris. Thats not a baby rhino, it is a baby hippo!