•  Likeables isn’t showing, great logo round-up though!

  • FInally a whole post with NEW logos. This is a great roundup Alec. Very creative. I thougth the Grain Talk logo was pretty clever :-)

  • Halal Fish

    The Kings Poker logo is pretty poor, I’ve got a decent monitor yet I struggle to see the dark parts of the logo.

  • It’s really great post.thanks for share

  •  Nice works!

  • Thank you! That was really inspiring me! I just added you to my Favorites List on Stumbleupon ;)

  • Typography is so simple but effective – great list!

  • jimsilverman


  • Grain Talk is awesome!

  • tuan ng

    I like Divvy Up, simple but effective. Sometime, I create logos like that, my customers always think why they have to pay money for a guy who did nothing rather than a bit skill of photoshop.

    It’s hard to get money in that way, you need a really good customer.

  • like it!

  • Gareth Hardy

    The majority of these logos, whilst well designed, aren’t simple at all.

  • MontgomeryQ

    It was nice see a couple of my logos here. Thanks for the roundup!

  • Eric

    great compositions!