20 Free Retro & Vintage Patterns for Photoshop

Today, we have put together a collection of the best retro and vintage patterns for Photoshop. Browse through these patterns and enjoy the sense of nostalgia combined with inspiration!

As artists, we have a definition we all have a definition of “retro” and “vintage” in our minds — an era when design was full of magnificence, and even minute and otherwise dull objects such as street maps had a charm and grace of their own. In other words, retro and/or vintage patterns or graphics have great artistic as well as inspirational value.

Retro Patterns (4 Patterns)

Retro comes with 4 Patterns

Vintage Textile Patterns (6 Patterns)

Vintage Textile Patterns comes with 6 Patterns

Tileable Vector Patterns (6 Patterns .pat, .png, .ai & .psd)

Tileable Vector Patterns comes with 6 Patterns .pat, .png, .ai & .psd

Retro Patterns (12 Patterns)

Retro Patterns comes with 12 Patterns

All Overs Dimond Square (9 Patterns)

All Overs Dimond Square comes with 9 Patterns

Patterns (32 Patterns)

Patterns comes with 32 Patterns

Mellow Mint (16 Patterns)

Mellow Mint comes with 16 Patterns

Christmas Patterns (4 Patterns)

Christmas Patterns comes with 4 Patterns

Faded Mauve (4 Patterns)

Faded Mauve comes with 4 Patterns

Set 28 (8 Patterns .psd)

Set 28 comes with 8 Patterns .psd

Paisley Pattern (1 Pattern)

Paisley Pattern comes with 1 Pattern

Flower Pattern (4 Patterns)

Flower Pattern comes with 4 Patterns

Playful Seamless Retro (4 Patterns)

Playful Seamless Retro comes with 4 Patterns

Retro Butterflies (1 Pattern)

Retro Butterflies comes with 1 Pattern .pat

Retro Patterns (9 Patterns)

Retro Patterns comes with 9 Patterns

Retro PS Patterns (78 Patterns)

Retro PS Patterns comes with 78 Patterns

Textured Stripes (6 Patterns)

Textured Stripes comes with 6 Patterns

Tileable Retro Grunge Abstract Maze (6 Patterns)

Tileable Retro Grunge Abstract Maze comes with 6 Patterns

Victorian (45 Patterns)

Victorian comes with 45 Patterns

Vintage Floral Patterns (5 Patterns)

Vintage Floral Patterns comes with 5 Patterns

Vintage Retro Grunge Wallpaper (6 Patterns)

Vintage Retro Grunge Wallpaper comes with 6 Patterns

Vintage Sage (4 Patterns)

Vintage Sage comes with 4 Patterns

Spotlight (5 Patterns)

Spotlight comes with 5 Patterns

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  • suruha

    Nice list! I even found some I don’t have! LOL Thank you!