Amelia – a WP Booking Software that Lets You Manage Appointments While You Sleep


Taking appointments might appear to be a low-level task. It involves little more than picking up the phone or responding to an email. The problem with that point of view is that it generally takes up more of your time than you realize. Managing those appointments can take up a lot more time and cost your business money.

In addition, a variety of problems can arise when appointments are managed manually. Making an appointment may not be possible during non-business hours or on weekends. It might be the case that there’s no one there to take them. Or, if your appointment-taker is away from the phone or busy on another line. Here, a potential client may lose patience.

People sometimes forget appointments too. It is a different kind of problem, but a problem nevertheless.

Put an automated booking specialist like Amelia in place. These problems will become history.

Introducing Amelia

Once Amelia is installed, you’ll begin to wish you had such a flawless system in place years ago. This WordPress plugin is the brainchild of one of Code Canyon’s Elite authors. The latter is the creator of its best-selling wpDataTables WordPress plugin. It is also an author that has sold more than 17,000 licenses.

Amelia was created with businesses in mind that are dependent on bookings. Businesses like coaches, gyms and fitness clinics, consulting firms, and spas. For businesses like these, a booking system must be easy to install and super-easy to use. Amelia is such a system. Once installed and set up, it’s 100% automated and ready to go.

You will love your new automated booking system. Your clients can book make appointments from their computers and smartphones 24/7. You can view and manage these appointments from a central, perfectly organized place.

2.0 Amelia’s Key Benefits

You’ll save a surprising amount of money

The person assigned to take and manage appointments obviously expects to be paid. It simply makes more sense to pay a one-time fee for the most professional booking specialist you’ll find. This is a booking specialist that’s on the job morning, noon, and night and on weekends and holidays too. This specialist always gets things right and never complains. That’s Amelia we’re talking about!

You can Devote More Time to Key Tasks and Assignments

The time taken away from a key task to answer the phone or check your email may not seem like a problem. But interrupting work in progress to manage an appointment can be an annoyance.

You can always ignore a ringing phone and wait for a more convenient time to check your email. But you are likely to lose potential clients by doing so. Amelia will keep humming right along booking and managing appointments. All this is while you are attending to other tasks.

Your Business Environment Looks and Is More Professional

Amelia’s UI is a pleasure to view and work with. This automated booking system gives your business operation a much more professional look. Clients can book appointments in seconds at any time and they don’t have to wait for someone to answer the phone. They don’t need to wait until the next day for an email confirmation. They also won’t listen to elevator music when they’ve been put on hold.

Everything is in Its Place – in One Place

With Amelia in place, you’ll remember the hard times you had to look through notebooks to find what you need. Or, you needed to scroll through endless Excel tables. All in hopes of finding an appointment you made and can’t remember.

What’s pleasing about those memories is knowing that with Amelia, you won’t ever have to go through any of that again. You’ll be able to see at any time who’s in charge of a client. You will know the time, place and duration of a scheduled appointment, and what the service is costing.

3.0 Amelia’s Top Features

The Search Booking Wizard: This wizard gives you a convenient way to search for a suitable service or employee. You can easily find the perfect time to fit the occasion.

A Step-by-Step Booking Wizard: This wizard gives you alternatives in scheduling appointments. You can do so based on a chosen parameter – Service, Employee, Date; at each step.

The Dashboard and Reporting Feature: You can get a quick overview of your business’s performance on Amelia’s dashboard. This includes charts that will help you track key financial and conversion-related KPIs.

Workflow Calendar: Amelia provides multiple workflow options. You can track by day, week, or month, or by timeline, calendar view or by an interactive list of appointments.

Catalog View: This feature generates an online catalog of services along with your booking form. It does so by using a shortcode and adding information about your service and images.

Employees Management: This feature manages employees contact data that is stored in the WordPress database. It also configures personal work schedules including days off.

Locations Management: It makes no difference to Amelia if you have several business locations. Your automated system will still manage your appointments and contact data.

Group Appointment Booking: Amelia manages both individual and group appointments. You can specify minimum or maximum capacities or group sizes.

Minimum Booking and Cancelling Times: This feature lets you configure your booking and cancellation periods.

Automated Notifications: Amelia sends email notifications to clients when an appointment has been booked. It also notifies them when the appointment is pending, canceled, or rejected. Notifications are also sent for appointment follow-ups, birthday greetings and other reasons.

Schedule Settings: This feature ensures employees are aware of standard business hours. It informs them about non-work days and the like, and any schedule changes.

Online Payments: Payments for services rendered can be made via PayPal or Stripe.

Customizable Design: Amelia’s frontend interface can be customized. Make your booking controls match your businesses brand style and your WordPress theme!

Why It’s a Good Reason to Try Amelia Now

There are many good reasons to use Amelia. One of them is the opportunity to advance your business’ professional look.

Amelia doesn’t require any training to use, and there’s little effort involved in setting it up. Thus, it’s easy to take it on a trial run to see how it will work for you and your team.

You’ll also discover how easy it is for Amelia to fit your business needs. It can easily manage your appointments around the clock.

Missed or misplaced appointments will be history. You can empty your wastebasket into the trash bin without fear of losing a slip of paper.

With Amelia, you will have everything in its place and perfectly organized. Just like that, you can turn your attention back to the must-do tasks and assignments.

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