The Best Freebies for Designers (December 2013)

Here are the best freebies for designers from December 2013. We have free GUI templates, icon sets, fonts, Photoshop brushes, PSD templates, PS actions… and everything else in between.

The Web Designer Toolbox
Unlimited Downloads: 1,000,000+ Web Templates, Themes, Plugins & Design Assets


Free Icon Sets

Ecommerce Icons (21 Icons, PSD)

Ecommerce Icons designers freebies

Ecommerce Icons →

Icon Set (144 Icons, AI)

Icon Set designers freebies

Icon Set →

Weather Icons (42 Icons, PSD & AI)

Weather Icons designers freebies

Weather Icons →

Modern Social Media Icons (344 Icons, PSD & PNG)

Modern Social Media Icons designers freebies

Modern Social Media Icons →

iOS7 Vector Icons (100 Icons, PSD)

iOS7 Vector Icons designers freebies

iOS7 Vector Icons →

Smallicons Icon Set (54 Icons, in SVG, PNG & PSD Formats)

Smallicons Icon Set designers freebies

Smallicons Icon Set →

Simple Line Icons (100 Icons, PSD, AI, EPS & SVG Formats)

Simple Line Icons designers freebies

Simple Line Icons →

Freecons V2 (155 Icons, PSD, AI & EPS)

Freecons V2 designers freebies

Freecons V2 →

5 O’clock Shades Icons (16 Icons, PSD)

5 O'clock Shades Icons designers freebies

5 O’clock Shades Icons →

UX Gestures (12 Icons, PSD)

UX Gestures designers freebies

UX Gestures →

Lovicons (124 Icons, PSD & PNG)

Lovicons designers freebies

Lovicons →

Round Around (50 Icons, PSD)

Round Around designers freebies

Round Around →

Infinity Space Icons (230 characters, Icon Font)

Infinity Space Icons designers freebies

Infinity Space Icons →

Free Web & Mobile UI Kits

Dark Ui Set (PSD)

Dark Ui Set designers freebies

Dark Ui Set →

Flat UI Design Kit (PSD)

Flat UI Design Kit designers freebies

Flat UI Design Kit →

Interactive Flat Design UI (HTML5 & CSS3)

Interactive Flat Design UI designers freebies

Interactive Flat Design UI →

iOS7 Wireframe (PSD)

iOS7 Wireframe designers freebies

iOS7 Wireframe →

Google Maps Interface (PSD)

Google Maps Interface designers freebies

Google Maps Interface →

Free Fonts

Exo 2.0 – Geometric Sans Serif Font

Exo 2.0 - Geometric Sans Serif Font designers freebies

Exo 2.0 – Geometric Sans Serif Font →

Mohave Typefaces

Mohave Typefaces designers freebies

Mohave Typefaces →

Odin Rounded

Odin Rounded designers freebies

Odin Rounded →

Hallo Sans

Hallo Sans designers freebies

Hallo Sans →

Alegreya Sans (Web Font)

Alegreya Sans designers freebies

Alegreya Sans →

Cuprum (Web Font)

Cuprum designers freebies

Cuprum →

Templates & Mockups

Flow – Mobile App Landing Page Template (PSD)

Flow - Mobile App Landing Page Template designers freebies

Flow – Mobile App Landing Page Template →

Simple Browser Mockup (PSD)

Simple Browser Mockup designers freebies

Simple Browser Mockup →

Responsive Wireframe Template (PSD)

Responsive Wireframe Template designers freebies

Responsive Wireframe Template →

Ebony & Ivory Branding Mockup (PSD)

Ebony & Ivory Branding Mockup designers freebies

Ebony & Ivory Branding Mockup →

Newspaper Advert Mockup (PSD)

Newspaper Advert Mockup designers freebies

Newspaper Advert Mockup →

Easy Calendar (PSD)

Easy Calendar designers freebies

Easy Calendar →

Photoshop Brushes

Planet Texture Brush Set (PS)

Planet Texture Brush Set designers freebies

Planet Texture Brush Set →

Dirty Steel Brushes (PS)

Dirty Steel Brushes designers freebies

Dirty Steel Brushes →

Coby Sparkles Brushes (PS)

Coby Sparkles Brushes designers freebies

Coby Sparkles Brushes →

and finally…

Social Kit – Free Photoshop Plugin with Social Templates

Social Kit - Free Photoshop Plugin with Social Templates designers freebies

Social Kit →

Iconmelon – SVG Icon Library for the Web

Iconmelon - SVG Icon Library for the Web designers freebies

Iconmelon →

Nice Things – A collection of lovely vectors

Nice Things - A collection of lovely vectors designers freebies

Nice Things →

More Free Resources for Designers →