10 Free Powerpoint Templates for Creatives

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Creating a visually attractive presentation to help you pitch your idea, team, or business to potential business partners, investors, or clients is crucial if you want to ensure a successful outcome.

But, creating a presentation and making it look good can be time-consuming, especially if you lack the design skills. In those situations, a high-quality Powerpoint template can save the day.

There is no shortage of both free and premium Powerpoint templates on the Internet, however, not all of them were created equal which means finding a quality template with an attractive design can be tricky.

If you’re looking for free Keynote templates, take a look at this collection.

That’s why in this post, we’ve rounded up the best free Powerpoint templates that will help you create a stunning presentation.

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Aura with Envato Elements subscription

Aura is a trend-defining PowerPoint template that has picked up traction recently. It packs over 450 vector icons as well as having fonts included that are 100% free. There’s a dark version in there and plenty of slides you can open up and edit.


1. Power

The first template on our list, Power, has a clean and modern design and is a great choice if you’re creating a presentation to showcase your business to potential investors or business partners. This template includes over 120 unique slide designs as well as elements such as pie charts, team member placeholders, vector icons, and more.

free powerpoint templates designers creatives

Gravidient with Envato Elements subscription

Gravident is a powerful PowerPoint template with a beautiful sense of style. If you plan to pick a product, there are very few templates that do it as well as this one.


2. Business

If you’re looking for a template that follows the latest design trends, don’t miss the Business template. It features a minimal design with material color scheme and includes more than 50 unique slides. The template fits 16:9 format and comes with resizable vector icons, charts, maps, and dark and light versions.

free powerpoint templates designers creatives

Skyfy with Envato Elements subscription

Skyfy is a very versatile PowerPoint Template that you can pick up and use for pretty much any type of client work. Free fonts included and with over 100 unique slides.


3. Golden Template

The Golden template is a versatile template that can be used for all types of presentations not just business ones. It comes in three color schemes and features an elegant design. You’ll also find a free icon pack and 3 free fonts included.

free powerpoint templates designers creatives

X Note with Envato Elements subscription

X Note is a powerful, customizable PowerPoint Template that has several compelling ratios for you to wow your clients in full HD. Both 4:3 and 16:9 are available.


4. Resume

Consider the Resume template if you’re trying to make a professional presentation as a part of your job hunt. Not only is this a creative way to stand out among the applicants but it also allows you to use images to illustrate your accomplishments.

This template includes a mix of text-based and image based slides, 2 color schemes, and a free icon pack.

free powerpoint templates designers creatives

Aurum with Envato Elements subscription

Aurum is an effective, modern and easy customizable presentation template for PowerPoint. It’s a wonderful choice when you need to communicate complicated messages, as it has a plethora of well-made graphs and charts.


5. Warwick

Try the Warwick template for presentations that need a more serious or professional tone. This template makes great use of green and blue tones which are perfect if you need to relay information about financial or security matters.

You’ll find 25 different slides, premade styles for graphs, charts, and tables as well as a customizable icon family with 80 different icons and a world map.

free powerpoint templates designers creatives

Responsive Solutions with Envato Elements subscription

Responsive Solutions is a great pitch deck for PowerPoint, built for when you sell websites or apps. A worthy pick-up for when you are trying to win over a client withy our concept.


6. Social Media

Need to make a presentation that shows how your company’s marketing efforts are paying off? Then look no further than the Social Media Powerpoint template.

This template offers a modern and vibrant color scheme as well as all the elements needed to showcase the results of your email and social media marketing. Social media icons, graphs, charts, and 10 premade slides will allow you to present the data in a meaningful and clear way.

free powerpoint templates designers creatives

BIMA with Envato Elements subscription

BIMA is a powerful and creative PowerPoint Template that has been made for showcasing great creative work from your portfolio.


7. Computer Business

The Computer Business template comes with 36 slides, which includes covers, tables of contents, timelines, diagrams, charts, tables, image slides, maps, and icon sets. The template also includes a premade color scheme which is easily editable.

This template can be used to make a presentation for your company as well as if you’re trying to make a pitch to potential clients or investors.

free powerpoint templates designers creatives

Black White Project with Envato Elements subscription

The Black White Project is a PowerPoint Template that contains 90 creative slides, specifically made to look wonderful in black/white. If you are a photographer, or you work with black/white concepts, you may want to grab this one.


8. Revolution

The Revolution template includes more than a 100 clean and professional slides and was designed in 1920×1080 resolution. It features a modern green and blue color scheme and comes with 500 resizable icons. You’ll find text slides, image slides and a combination of the two as well as a variety of charts, tables, graphs, infographics elements, and more.

free powerpoint templates designers creatives

Digital Marketing Trends with Envato Elements subscription

The Digital Marketing Trends PowerPoint deck is a gorgeous template that was based on the Forbes Six Digital Marketing to Watch in 2018. Truly a masterpiece if you plan to sell a holistic business concept.


9. Bronx

With its trendy and somewhat feminine design, the Bronx template is sure to grab the attention of anyone looking at your presentation. This template includes 35 slides designed in 16:9 format and tons of elements such as as resizable icons, free fonts, flowcharts, and text and image slides.

free powerpoint templates designers creatives

Magazine with Envato Elements subscription

Magazine is a PowerPoint Template with 20 awesome slides in each file. The aspect ratio is 16:9 and contains 30 icon slides and several color schemes for you to pick from.


10. Katharine

The Katharine template is a great choice for anyone looking to make a presentation of their past projects. With a heavy focus on images, Katharine is perfect for designers, illustrators, photographers, and creatives alike. The template includes 17 different slides, predesigned styles for graphs, charts, and tables, and 80 customizable icons as well as a world map.

free powerpoint templates designers creatives

Hush with Envato Elements subscription

Hush is a mutlipurpose template for PowerPoint that contains over 90 unique slides as well as coming out of the box with free fonts exclusively. There’s animations and transitions too.


11. Vicentio

This duotone template is perfect for modern presentations. Designed with lawyers and attorneys in mind, you’ll definitely be able to make your case with this template. You’ll find 25 different slides that are easily editable and designed to fit 16:9 format.

free powerpoint templates designers creatives

Meteor with Envato Elements subscription

Meteor is a unique PowerPoint Template with a stunning 1920×1080 Full HD design. It is filled to the brim with infographic elements, charts, graphs, maps and icons as well.

12. Food

The Food template, like the name suggests, is perfect for anyone in the food industry. The template uses plenty of white space paired with a nice shade of yellow to make your food images the centre of attention.

This template comes with 32 beautiful and trendy slides in 16:9 format, includes 20 stock pictures, and 2 additional color schemes to choose from.

free powerpoint templates designers creatives

Minimal with Envato Elements subscription

Minimal is a powerful MS PowerPoint presentation with 20 masters and lots of other slides. Go beyond mere backgrounds, fonts and bullets. Master powerful diagrams, charts and tables in this masterpiece of data visualization.

13. iSlide

If you’re looking for a simple and minimal template look no further than iSlide. This template has plenty of white space and subtle pops of color that make it easy to focus on the contents of your presentation. You’ll find more than 20 unique slides, drag and drop placeholders, and resizable icons and shapes.

free powerpoint templates designers creatives

Use Powerpoint Templates to Save Time and Deliver Stunning Presentations

As you can see from the examples above, there are Powerpoint templates available for any type of presentation. Use our roundup as a starting point and find the perfect Powerpoint template that will help you create and deliver an awesome presentation.