40 Black & White Photos with Partial Color Effects


Black and white photographs are generally considered to be dull when we live in such a vibrant and colorful world. Luckily, by using photo editing software like Photoshop, we can easily add color where it’s missing to give a whole new meaning to what the viewer sees and feels for any given image.

For example, taking a black and white photograph and adding partial color effects to certain key points of the shot is one of the most popular techniques amongst professional photographers.

This technique allows you to transform dull and boring black and white images into mesmerizing works of art with just a hint of color. Take a look at the examples featured below and you will begin to understand why this partial color effect is so popular.

Take for example the Yellow City image. A normally busy intersection takes on a whole different meaning when all you immediately see is the taxi cabs. It can also highlight the passage of time and it does a great job of drawing our attention to the most important part of the photo, without it feeling like it is being drowned in the noise of the surrounding color. It can make the ordinary seem extraordinary. It can make us feel something more powerfully.

So without further ado, take a look at some of the best examples of black and white photos that use a splash of color. Use them as an inspiration and don’t forget to check out the related tutorials to help you recreate those effects in your own photos.

Gallery of B&W Photos with Color Effects

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