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In this category you will find many free and beautifully designed high-resolution wallpapers for your desktop.

15 Minimal Desktop Wallpapers for Christmas

Christmas is rapidly approaching, and no doubt most of you would have already decorated your desktop with a jolly, festive and seasonally uplifting Christmas-card-a-like wallpaper. At the risk of sounding…

20 Incredible Digital Sunrise Wallpapers Viewed from Space

Viewing the sunrise from Earth is a beautiful site,but viewing the sunrise from space is an almost moving experience. With the Sun approximately 150 million kilometers away, and with its light taking about eight and half minutes to reach us, it all adds up to a beautiful site.

45 Typography Desktop Wallpapers

Maybe its just me, when you add type to wallpapers it seems to bring a certain level of sophistication and elegance to your desktop.
These beautifully designed wallpapers are not solely about typography, they cover a wide array of styles with elements of typography mixed in, the effect is impressive.