15+ Best Free Brush Fonts for Designers


Brush fonts are a type of typeface that mimics the look of calligraphy created with a paintbrush or marker. They are typically characterized by their imperfections, irregular shapes, and varying stroke widths, which give them a more natural and organic appearance than traditional fonts.

Brush fonts are often used in design to convey a sense of creativity, authenticity, and informality. They’re often used to target a youth-oriented audience, such as music, gaming, fashion, or food.

From bold and chunky to gentle and graceful, brush fonts come in various styles and weights depending on the actual brush used to create the font. They can add an authentic feel to a design, but are typically used to create urban, playful, or graffiti-style typography.

Because of their uniqueness and imperfections, it’s vital that you choose the perfect brush font for your project carefully to ensure the best possible results. To help with your selection, we have a curated collection of our favorite free brush fonts that you can download and use in your own creative projects.

What are Brush Fonts?

Brush fonts are a category of typefaces that replicate the look of handwritten text created with a brush or marker.

They are characterized by their dynamic and textured strokes, which resemble the authentic marks made by a brush. Here are some of the key attributes of brush fonts:

  1. Handmade Aesthetic: Brush fonts are designed to imitate the appearance of hand-lettering or calligraphy created with a brush or marker. They carry a sense of authenticity and imperfection that adds a personal and artistic touch to designs.
  2. Variety of Styles: Brush fonts come in various styles, ranging from elegant and refined scripts to casual and playful designs. Each style can evoke a different mood and suit different design contexts.
  3. Texture & Movement: The textured and irregular strokes of brush fonts create a sense of movement and energy, making them visually captivating.
  4. Expressive & Emotional: Brush fonts can convey emotions and sentiments due to their natural and expressive appearance. They’re often used to evoke specific feelings.
  5. Versatile Use: Brush fonts are versatile and can be used for various design projects, such as logos, branding, posters, social media graphics, invitations, etc.
  6. Urban & Modern Feel: Some brush fonts have a bold and edgy feel, aligning well with urban or contemporary design styles.
  7. Combining with Other Fonts: Brush fonts can be paired with other font styles, such as sans-serif or serif fonts, to create contrast and balance in a design.
  8. Casual & Playful: Brush fonts are often associated with a relaxed and approachable feel, making them suitable for designs that aim to be friendly and welcoming.
  9. Digital & Handmade Fusion: Brush fonts bridge the gap between digital and handmade aesthetics, providing a digital alternative to hand-painted or calligraphic lettering.

Top Free Brush Fonts for Creatives

Flat Brush Font

This brush font combines heavy black ink with a well-used artist’s sable brush to create a stunning hand-made and textured typeface. Its distinctive appearance makes it readable in both large and small sizes, making it ideal for many projects.

flat free font brush hand-written hand-painted

Debby Hand-Drawn Brush Font (Free)

Designed by Artimasa Studio, Debby is a free hand-drawn font with a personal and imperfect feel. Use it to add character and uniqueness to your designs.

debby free font brush hand-written hand-painted

Zallord Brush Font (Free)


The Perfect Moment font is a dynamic and adventurous SVG typeface that perfectly captures the energy of handwritten brush strokes. This Open Type font can be used for creating striking headlines and titles,, banners, posters, and more!

Perfect Moment SVG free font brush hand-written hand-painted

Besom Brush Font (Free)

This hand-drawn brush font has been created using a thick brush that resembles a traditional besom brush, from which the name is derived. The font includes only uppercase letters, giving it a bold and impactful look, perfect for creating unique and distinctive designs.

Besom free font brush hand-written hand-painted

Hensa Hand-Painted Brush Script Font (Free)

Hensa is a hand-painted brush script font with a stylish design. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters, punctuation, numerals, ligatures, and swashes. Use it for logos, quotes, packaging, and more!

Hensa Hand-Painter Brush Script free font brush hand-written hand-painted

Hey October Brush Font (Free)

The Hey October free font boasts a playful and whimsical style with irregular letter shapes that give it a fun and quirky feel. It’s the perfect choice for greeting cards, posters, and other design projects where you want to add a touch of whimsy and personality.

Hey October free font brush hand-written hand-painted

Painter Brush Font (Free)

Painter Font is a free typeface that features thick brush strokes and a playful, handwritten style, making it an ideal choice for a multitude of design projects. With its unique and distinctive look, Painter Font will add a touch of character to any design.

Painter free font brush hand-written hand-painted

Kust Brush Font (Free)

The Kūst brush font is a free typeface with unique distorted letters, created by fashion designer and painter Ieva Mezule using a thick brush and pure black ink on hard paper. Use it to add a bold and striking touch to your design projects.

kust free font brush hand-written hand-painted

Willful Handwritten Brush Sans Font (Free)

Willful is a vibrant and playful handwritten brush font that’s perfect for adding character to your designs. Use it alone or with thin typefaces to create stunning artwork.

Willful Sans free font brush hand-written hand-painted

Crocky Brush Font (Free)

Crocky is a hand-brush typeface with a casual and scratchy brush script style. It’s perfect for branding projects, social media posts, product packaging, and any project that needs a classy handwritten touch. The font is available for free download for personal use.

Crocky free font brush hand-written hand-painted

Better Hobby Highlighter Font (Free)

Better Hobby is a free display font with a unique and playful design that is perfect for projects requiring joy and a touch of fun. With its colorful highlighter markers and overlaying strokes, this font will bring a lively touch to any design.

Better Hobby Highlighter free font brush hand-written hand-painted

True South Brush Font (Free)

True South free font brush hand-written hand-painted

Mazak Hand-Drawn Brush Font (Free)

Designed by Ewelina Gąska, Mazak is a hand-drawn brush font that’s available for download in both Illustrator AI and TTF formats. With its distinctive uppercase design, this free font will add a unique touch to any design project.

Mazak free font brush hand-written hand-painted

Lemon Tuesday Brush Font (Free)

Lemon Tuesday free font brush hand-written hand-painted

Thorn Brush Font (Free)

thorn free font brush hand-written hand-painted

Chocoleta Brush Font (Free)

Chocoleta free font brush hand-written hand-painted

Wildrock Brush Font (Free)

Wildrock free font brush hand-written hand-painted

Brush King Font (Free)

king free font brush hand-written hand-painted

Free Brush Font FAQs

  • Why Use Free Brush Fonts?
    They’re great for adding a creative, individualistic flair to your work. Perfect for artistic projects, logos, or promotional materials, they can give your design a unique and crafted feel.
  • Can I Use Brush Fonts for Business Branding?
    Yes, brush fonts can be effective in business branding, especially for brands looking for a casual, approachable, or artistic image. They work well in logos, taglines, and marketing materials.
  • Are Brush Fonts Easy to Read?
    While artistic, some brush fonts might be harder to read, especially at smaller sizes; they’re best used for larger headings or focal points where readability is less critical.
  • How Do I Choose the Right Brush Font for My Project?
    Think about the feeling you want to evoke. Look for a font that matches the mood of your message and complements your design’s overall aesthetic.
  • Are Brush Fonts Suitable for Digital Media?
    Yes, brush fonts can be used in digital media, like websites, social media graphics, and digital ads. They are particularly striking for headlines or call-to-action buttons.
  • Can I Use Brush Fonts in Print Materials?
    Brush fonts are great for print materials like posters, business cards, and brochures, especially when you want to add a personal or artistic touch.
  • Do Brush Fonts Have Different Styles?
    Yes, brush fonts come in various styles, from rough and rugged to smooth and elegant. Each style can bring a different character to your design.
  • How Can I Ensure the Legibility of Brush Fonts?
    Use them in larger sizes for headings or short phrases. Choose one with clearer letterforms if you’re using a brush font for smaller text.
  • Are Brush Fonts Good for Logo Design?
    Brush fonts can be very effective in logo design, offering a unique and custom-made feel. They are well-suited for brands in creative industries.
  • Can I Customize Free Brush Fonts?
    Basic customization like size and color is usually possible, but altering the font design may require specific software, skills, and permission from the font creator.

Brush Fonts in Your Design projects

Brush fonts are a beautiful representation of imperfect handwriting. Each character is unique and carefully crafted by hand, resulting in a distorted and irregular appearance that adds character and personality to any design.

They bring an authentic and artistic element to design projects. Their textured strokes, expressiveness, and versatility make them a popular choice for designers looking to infuse their work with a touch of handmade charm.

With their charm, brush fonts seamlessly blend with modern design trends, making them a versatile choice for various creative projects.

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