15 Beautifully Imperfect Free Brush Fonts

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Distorted and irregular, yet beautifully imperfect. Every individual character unique and painstakingly handmade. Vintage in style yet seamlessly blends in with the modern. Brush-style typography has been forgotten for quite a long time, but as happens with all design trends, is currently enjoying a revival in popularity.

In this collection, we have 15 free brush fonts you can use in your designs. You’ll love them! All of the below fonts are free, but please do double-check the license before usage as they can change from time to time.

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Besom Brush Font Designed by Krisijanis Mezulis & Gatis Vilaks
Besom Brush Font

Dallegrave Free Brush Typeface Designed by Gianlucca Segato
Dallegrave Free Brush Typeface

Hensa Free Brush Script Font Designed by Vlad Cristea
Hensa Free Brush Script Font

Duwhoers Brush Font Designed by Swistblnk
Duwhoers Brush Font

Kust Free Brush Font Designed by Krisijanis Mezulis
Kust Free Brush Font

Debby Brush Font Designed by Artimasa Studio
Debby brush Font

Reckless Brush Font Designed by Nadi Spasibenko
Reckless Brush Font

Dreamers Brush Free Font Designed by Hermansy Man
Dreamers Brush Free Font

Beacon Free Font Designed by Befonts
Beacon Free Font

BlowBrush Font Designed by Petar Acanski
BlowBrush Font

Selima Free Font Designed by Jroh Creative
Selima Free Font

Sophia Hand-Lettered Brush Script Designed by Mats-Peter Forss & Emily Spadoni
Sophia Hand-Lettered Brush Script

Brux Bold Brush Font
Brux Bold Brush Font

Mazak Brush Font Designed by Ewelina Gaska
Mazak Brush Font

Rosco Free Brush Font Designed by Logoholique
Rosco Free Brush Font

Hot Mess Free Brush Font Designed by Shelley Bassett
Hot Mess Free Brush Font

Parabola Free Brush Font Designed by
Parabola Free Brush Font

Banaue Extended Brush Font Designed by Krisijanis Mezulis

Lemon Tuesday Font Designed by Jovanny Lemonad

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  • save the animals

    I love them. How does one download these fonts? I don’t see any links. Thank you.

  • I’m a huge hand brush lover

  • Binyamin Koretz

    Each font name is a link to its page