20+ Best Free Lightroom Mobile Presets for Photographers


In the fast-paced world of mobile photography, capturing the perfect shot on your smartphone has become an art form in itself. Yet, the desire to enhance and elevate your photos with a professional touch is a universal aspiration. Enter Lightroom Mobile, the digital magic wand that allows you to transform your mobile snapshots into stunning visual masterpieces.

Lightroom Mobile presets are the secret sauce of mobile photography, offering users a quick and effortless way to enhance their photos with just a few taps. These presets are pre-configured settings, each with its unique blend of color correction, tone adjustments, and artistic flair. They are designed to save you time and effort, ensuring that your photos look their best without the need for extensive editing.

What makes Lightroom Mobile presets truly captivating is their versatility. From vibrant and dramatic to soft and dreamy, these presets cater to a wide spectrum of photographic styles and moods. Whether you’re an aspiring influencer looking to curate a stunning Instagram feed or a travel enthusiast eager to capture the essence of your adventures, Lightroom Mobile presets have got you covered.

Today, we will dive deep into the world of Lightroom Mobile presets, exploring how to use them effectively to enhance your mobile photography game. From where to find the best presets to tips on customizing them to match your unique vision, you’ll discover how these presets can be the key to unlocking your mobile photography’s full potential. Get ready to turn your everyday moments into extraordinary visual stories with these free Lightroom Mobile presets as your creative sidekick.

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Top Lightroom Mobile Presets for Photographers

The Wonderlust Mobile Lightroom Presets

Whether you’re capturing bustling streets or serene landscapes, the Wonderlust presets ensure that every adventure is presented in its most evocative and mesmerizing form.

Wonderlust Mobile Presets for Lightroom

Road & Travel Lightroom Mobile Preset (Free)

This free Lightroom Mobile preset is for all the wanderers and explorers out there. Infuse your travel photos with a memorable vintage feel using this free DNG. Evoke nostalgia and capture the essence of your journeys.

Road Travel free lightroom mobile preset dng xmp

Spruce Lightroom Mobile Presets (Free)

Spruce is a free Lightroom Mobile preset that encapsulates the essence of autumn and the embrace of nature. Imbue your images with lush green tones synonymous with fall. It’s available in both ATN & DNG formats.

Spruce free lightroom mobile preset dng xmp

Mobile Lightroom Presets for Pets

This free preset has been created to accentuate the innocence and joy of your animal companions. This preset breathes life into each snapshot, capturing your pets in all their glory.

Pets free lightroom mobile preset dng xmp

Bronze Effect Lightroom Mobile Preset (Free)

Bronze is a free preset designed to envelop your photos in a rich bronze effect. It adds a touch of dramatic elegance, transforming everyday moments into screen-worthy visuals.

Bronze Effect free lightroom mobile preset dng xmp

Modern Film Effect Lightroom Mobile Preset (Free)

Modern Film artfully blends bold color contrasts and a toned film effect to breathe cinematic life into your images. Capturing the timeless allure of film in every photo.

Modern Film Effect free lightroom mobile preset dng xmp

Lightroom Mobile Presets for Landscapes

This is a comprehensive collection of 35 presets for landscape photographers. Designed to add depth and vibrancy to your outdoor photos. Each preset ensures that nature’s grandeur is showcased in its entire splendor.

Landscape free lightroom mobile preset dng xmp

Cinema Effect Mobile Lightroom Preset (Free)

This free mobile preset has been crafted for those seeking a dramatic, gritty atmosphere. With its green-tinged tones and cinematic allure, this preset will transform everyday shots into powerful, emotion-evoking photos.

Cinema Effect free lightroom mobile preset dng xmp

Instagram Effects Lightroom Mobile Presets (Free)

Insta Blogger is a free preset tailored for the modern influencer. Perfectly capturing the sought-after Instagram effects, this preset gives your photos that signature blogger touch, ensuring you stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of social media aesthetics.

Instagram Effects free lightroom mobile preset dng xmp

Grainy Effect Mobile Lightroom Presets

This collection of ten Lightroom Mobile presets has been designed to infuse your photos with a grainy effect that evokes a retro, urban look and feel. Bring a touch of the past to contemporary urban captures.

Grainy Effect free lightroom mobile preset dng xmp

Film Pop Effect Mobile Lightroom Preset (Free)

Film Pop marries vivid colors with a grainy, film-like finish. Designed to breathe life into your images, these free presets encapsulate the raw charm of analog while retaining a modern flair.

Film Pop Effect free lightroom mobile preset dng xmp

Newborn Baby Lightroom Mobile Preset (Free)

This collection of free presets is tailored for life’s most precious moments. Emphasizing clean edits with creamy skin tones and a soft ambiance, this preset ensures that every delicate detail of your newborn’s first days is captured with tenderness and love.

Newborn Baby free lightroom mobile preset dng xmp

Retro Effect Mobile Lightroom Preset (Free)

Introvert Retro is a free Lightroom Mobile preset that wraps your photos in a somber, film-like aesthetic. The muted green undertones subtly capture the essence of reflection and tranquility, making it perfect for those moments that speak volumes in silence.

Retro Effect free lightroom mobile preset dng xmp

Orange & Teal Effect Lightroom Mobile Preset (Free)

Step into a world of color contrast with this free Lightroom Mobile preset. Specifically tailored to amplify orange and teal hues. Ideal for urban photography, this preset turns cityscapes and streets into mesmerizing visuals where warmth meets cool in perfect harmony.

Orange Teal Effect free lightroom mobile preset dng xmp

Cinematic Lightroom Mobile Presets

With clean and vibrant enhancements to blues, greens, and browns, every photo will be transformed into a screen-worthy masterpiece, echoing the richness and depth of film.

Cinematic free lightroom mobile preset dng xmp

Mobile Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photography (Free)

Groovy Wedding is a free Lightroom Mobile preset for couple and wedding photography. Infuse every photo with a romantic aura, ensuring that every tender moment and loving glance is captured in its most heartwarming light.

Wedding Photography free lightroom mobile preset dng xmp

Chocolate Matte Effect Mobile Lightroom Preset (Free)

Chocolate Matte is a free Lightroom Mobile preset that blends warm brown tones with a soft matte finish. The subtle haze adds a cinematic touch, turning your photographs into timeless pieces with a tranquil, cozy atmosphere.

Chocolate Matte Effect free lightroom mobile preset dng xmp

Lightroom Mobile Preset for Interior Design Photography (Free)

This free preset has been tailored for interior design photography. Available in DNG format, this preset accentuates the architectural nuances and décor details, transforming every room into a masterpiece of design and comfort.

Interior Design Photography free lightroom mobile preset dng xmp

Film Grade Lightroom Mobile Preset (Free)

Film Grade evokes the classic charisma of cinematic films. Infused with a grainy texture and nostalgic essence, it captures vintage cinema’s raw charm and emotion, bringing each shot to life with an old-world touch.

Film Grade free lightroom mobile preset dng xmp

Miami Beach Effects Mobile Lightroom Presets (Free)

Miami Beach is a free Lightroom Mobile preset designed to infuse your beach photographs with warmth. Perfect for capturing the essence of sun-kissed sands and radiant waves, this preset ensures every frame radiates with the inviting glow of eternal summer.

Miami Beach Effects free lightroom mobile preset dng xmp

Pinhole Lightroom Mobile Presets (Free)

This free mobile preset has been inspired by the timeless charm of pinhole photography. With its soft focus, this preset transports your shots to a world of understated elegance, allowing the essence of your subject to shine through.

Pinhole free lightroom mobile preset dng xmp

Lightroom Mobile Presets for Food Photography (Free)

This free preset has been created specifically for culinary enthusiasts and photographers. Designed to amplify the allure of every ingredient and dish, this preset ensures your food photos are as delectable in pictures as they are in taste.

Food Photography free lightroom mobile preset dng xmp

Indoor Fashion Mobile Lightroom Presets (Free)

This preset has been tailored for indoor fashion shoots. Optimized to highlight the elegance of every model and the intricacy of every ensemble, this preset ensures that your fashion frames are as stunning and stylish as the runway itself.

Indoor Fashion free lightroom mobile preset dng xmp

Moody Light Lightroom Mobile Preset (Free)

Moody Light is a free Lightroom Mobile preset designed to intensify the drama in your images. Characterized by rich colors and deep shadows, this preset accentuates the mood in every frame, turning each shot into a vivid narrative.

Moody Light free lightroom mobile preset dng xmp

Coffee Mobile Lightroom Preset (Free)

This free Lightroom Mobile preset has been designed to immerse your photographs in moody brown hues. With its matte finish, this preset exudes the comforting ambiance of a cozy café, turning every snapshot into a soulful moment reminiscent of your favorite brew.

coffee free lightroom mobile preset dng xmp

How to Install Lightroom Mobile Presets

By following these simple steps, you can quickly install and use mobile Lightroom presets on your phone. Here are the steps:

  1. Download the Presets: First, you’ll need to download the presets you want to use from above. These presets typically come as DNG or XMP files.
  2. Save the Presets to Your Mobile Device: If you downloaded the presets on your computer, transfer them to your mobile device. You can use cloud storage services, email, or a USB cable.
  3. Open Lightroom Mobile: Launch the Lightroom Mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.
  4. Import the Presets: In the Lightroom Mobile app, tap the + button at the bottom-center of the screen to create a new album. Name the album, and then tap Add Photos. Locate and select the preset files you transferred to your mobile device. You can select multiple presets at once.
  5. Create a Presets Folder: Once the preset files have been imported, create a folder to organize them. Tap the three-dot menu icon () at the upper-right corner, and select Create Folder.
  6. Move Presets to the Folder: Inside the folder, select the imported preset files and tap Move To or Copy To. Choose the folder you created to move the presets there.
  7. Apply the Presets: To use a preset, open a photo in Lightroom Mobile and tap on it to select it. Swipe left to access the editing tools. Scroll down to the Presets section, where you’ll find the folder with your installed presets. Tap on a preset to apply it to your photo. You can preview different presets by tapping them to see which suits your photo the best.
  8. Adjust as Needed: After applying a preset, you can further fine-tune your photo’s settings.

Tips for Customizing Lightroom Mobile Presets

Customizing Lightroom Mobile presets allows you to add a personal touch to your photos and achieve the exact look you need. Here are some tips for effectively customizing presets:

  1. Start with the Right Preset: Choose a preset that closely matches your desired style or mood. This will save you time and effort during customization.
  2. Adjust Exposure & White Balance: Begin by adjusting the exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, and blacks to ensure proper exposure and tonal balance in your photo.
  3. Fine-Tune Color Balance: Modify the temperature and tint settings to achieve the desired color balance.
  4. Refine Tone Curves: Use the tone curve tool to make precise adjustments to the brightness and contrast in different tonal ranges (highlights, midtones, shadows).
  5. Manage HSL/Color Channels: Access the HSL or color channels to selectively adjust the hue, saturation, and brightness of specific colors. This can help you enhance or mute specific colors in your photo.
  6. Crop & Straighten: Crop your photo to improve composition or remove distractions. Additionally, use the straighten tool to correct any crooked horizons.
  7. Apply Graduated & Radial Filters: Use graduated and radial filters to selectively apply adjustments to specific areas of your photo. For example, you can darken the sky or enhance the exposure on a subject’s face.
  8. Fine-Adjust Details: Refine sharpening, noise reduction, and clarity settings to enhance the image’s sharpness and overall texture.
  9. Add a Vignette or Grain: Apply a subtle vignette to draw attention to the center of the photo or add a touch of film-like grain for a unique aesthetic.
  10. Experiment & Compare: Don’t be afraid to experiment with various adjustments. Create virtual copies of your photo to compare different customizations and choose the one that best suits your vision.
  11. Save Your Custom Preset: Once you’ve achieved the desired look, consider saving your custom preset for future use. This way, you can apply your unique style to other photos quickly.

By following these tips and customizing Lightroom Mobile presets, you can create photos that reflect your unique style and vision, ensuring your images stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Lightroom Mobile Preset FAQs

  • What are Lightroom Mobile Presets?
    Lightroom Mobile presets are one-click filters for the Lightroom Mobile app. They automatically adjust settings like color, brightness, and contrast to transform your mobile photos quickly.
  • Why Use Presets in Lightroom Mobile?
    They’re great for enhancing your photos instantly. If you want a consistent look for your images or just want to spice up your photos easily, these presets are the way to go.
  • Are These Mobile Presets Free?
    Yes, the ones above are free. You can use them in your Lightroom Mobile app at no cost.
  • Do I Need Any Special Skills to Use These Mobile Presets?
    Not really. If you can use the Lightroom Mobile app, you can use these presets. They’re designed to be user-friendly and easy to apply.
  • Can I Customize These Mobile Presets?
    Yes! After applying a preset, you can adjust its settings to fit your photo’s needs better. This makes it easy to personalize the look to your taste.
  • Are Free Mobile Presets Good Enough for Professional Use?
    Many free presets are of high quality and can be used for professional-looking results. However, it’s always good to adjust them to suit your specific photo for the best outcome.
  • Do Lightroom Mobile Presets Work on All Types of Photos?
    While presets are versatile, their effect can vary depending on the photo’s original lighting, colors, and subject. It’s fun to try different presets to see which one best enhances your specific photo.
  • Will Using Presets Reduce the Quality of My Photos?
    Not at all. Applying a preset won’t reduce the photo’s resolution or quality. It simply changes the visual style and aesthetics of the image.
  • Can I Share My Customized Presets with Others?
    Yes, you can share your customized presets. In Lightroom Mobile, you can export your presets and share the file with friends or fellow photographers.
  • Are Presets a Substitute for Learning Photo Editing?
    Presets are a tool, not a substitute. They’re great for quick edits, but learning the fundamentals of photo editing can give you more control over achieving the exact look you want.
  • How Many Presets Should I Use on My Photos?
    It’s best to apply one preset per photo. However, you can experiment by combining different adjustments post-preset application to create a unique look.
  • Can I Undo Changes After Applying a Preset?
    Lightroom Mobile allows you to undo changes or revert to the original photo. So, feel free to experiment with different presets without worry.

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