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Free WordPress Security E-Book Available from Code Poet: Locking Down WordPress

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Code Poet, launched in May by Automattic, has this week released a new e-book on WordPress security. In the pages of “Locking Down WordPress,” three WordPress developers provide important advice on taking the right precautions.

The book interviews the three seasoned WordPress pros, all of whom recommended updating all server code in the event of a security breach and requiring strong passwords.

Rachel Baker is a freelance web developer who has spoken at WordCamp. She advises to use a unique default admin account and to take a long look at the Codex article, “Hardening WordPress.”

Brad Williams is the co-founder of WebDevStudios.com, a co-host on WP Late Night, and the co-author of several WordPress books. Williams suggests to immediately enable a maintenance mode on your site to take the site offline from the public, thereby limiting negative exposure (and ensuing plummeting search engine ratings). He also cited the Codex FAQ as a valuable source.

John Ford is a recently graduated developer of VaultPress, which he recommended as a security solution. He also advised the use of the plugin Exploit Scanner. Ford also suggests letting your web host know what happened.

The book can be downloaded in .pdf, Kindle (.mobi), or .epub here.

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