Make a Great First Impression with Freesumes

When you find a great new career opportunity, the last thing you want to do is submit a bland resume based on a default Word template from the 90’s. You need a resume that speaks to who you are and highlights your talents in a compelling manner.

Freesumes is your source for free, professionally crafted resume templates. You’ll find over 40 templates – all fully editable from within Microsoft Word and free for personal use.

Resume Templates to Fit Your Style

One of the most frustrating aspects of older resume templates is that you’re often forced to choose between layouts that don’t really represent your style. Freesumes’ 40+ free resume templates give you real choice.

Resume templates are broken down into these best-performing categories:

Modern Resume Template
Modern resume templates have been crafted to offer a fresh and crisp style. They’re designed to be easily read and to highlight specific information that you want prospective employers to notice.

Elegant/Professional Resume Template
Clean and to-the-point, Elegant/Professional templates are designed for those of you who have plenty of work experience under their belt. They’re very structured and reflect your accomplishments with class.

Creative Resume Template
Stand out from the crowd by using a Creative resume template. The designs are sleek and allow you to add your own unique flair.

Classic/Conservative Resume Template
Easy to customize, Classic/Conservative templates use the tried-and-true principles of resume structure. They’re clean and clear, allowing your skills and experience to do the talking.

Looking for Something Different?
If you’re looking for even more options, check out Freesumes’ new Premium Resume Packs. Each pack includes a professionally designed resume template in Microsoft Word format, a matching cover letter and a job interview tracker.

Career Advice and More

Beyond having a brilliant resume, there are other secrets to having a successful career. That’s why the Freesumes Blog provides a plethora of actionable tips and information.

You’ll find tips for things like nailing an interview, negotiating a fair salary, writing a killer cover letter and the importance of being confident. After all, impressing employers with your resume is only half the battle.

Create the Perfect Resume

Create the Perfect Resume with Freesumes

Studies show that employers don’t spend a lot of time looking at individual resumes. They quickly scan them and, if they don’t see anything of interest, move on to the next one. Having a resume that is beautiful, concise and easy to read gives you an edge. It may just make that employer take notice of your talents.

Check out Freesumes and start working toward your dream job today!#

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