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Top 50 Cheatsheets and Reference Guides for JavaScript

on JavaScript

JavaScript is at the forefront of powering UI across the web. It provides us with a means to create interactive features that range from slick animation all the way to manipulating data. Users may not think about it all that much – but that’s the point. Developers use JavaScript to simplify otherwise complex things. The power lies within its transparency to the end user.

Where web professionals are concerned, JavaScript is also quite vast. There are so many popular libraries that enable rapid development, along with good old plain JS.

To help you sort through it all, we’ve compiled a listing of cheatsheets and guides for JavaScript and its many flavors.

Plain (aka Vanilla) JavaScript

The beauty of plain JavaScript (sometimes referred to as “Vanilla”) is that you don’t need to load any special libraries to use it. The result is faster load times, while still having the power to build something quite complex. Plus, building that foundation can better prepare you for working with frameworks later on.

JavaScript Cheat Sheet: Tips & tricks (JAXenter) View →
JavaScript Cheat Sheet (Marijn Haverbeke) View →
Javascript Cheat Sheet (OverAPI) View →
JavaScript Cheat Sheet (XUL) View →
JS CheatSheet (HTML Online) View →
JavaScript Regex Cheatsheet (Debuggex) View →
Modern JS Cheatsheet (Manuel Beaudru) View →
PlainJS (PlainJS) View →
The Ultimate JavaScript Cheat Sheet (Codementor) View →
Toptal’s Quick And Practical JavaScript Cheat Sheet: ES6 And Beyond (Toptal) View →
Top 50 JavaScript Plugins & Libraries (Speckyboy) View →


Perhaps the most popular JavaScript library, jQuery has withstood the test of time. The fact that it is included by default with WordPress means that it’s used on a whole lot of websites.

jQuery API (Official) View →
jQuery Cheatsheet (Devhints) View →
jQuery Cheat Sheet (JavaScript Toolbox) View →
jQuery Quick API Reference (Óscar Otero) View →
jQuery Selectors (DZone) View →
jQuery Tutorial – An Ultimate Guide for Beginners (Tutorial Republic) View →
jQuery Tutorial for Beginners ( View →
Learn jQuery Tutorial (javatpoint) View →
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The jQuery Mega Cheat Sheet (Make A Website Hub) View →
The 50 Most Useful jQuery Plugins (Speckyboy) View →


Node.js has become a widely popular run-time environment for executing JavaScript as server-side code.

Advanced Node.js Tutorials (RisingStack) View →
Complete Node.js CheatSheet (Julien Le Coupanec) View →
Node.js Documentation (Official) View →
Node.js for Beginners (Tuts+) View →
Node.js Refcard (DZone) View →
Node.js Tutorials (GitBook) View →
Node.js Tutorial For Absolute Beginners (Traversy Media) View →
Node.js Tutorial – Step-by-Step Guide For Getting Started (airpair) View →
The Node Beginner Book (Manuel Kiessling) View →


An open source project by Facebook, React is a library dedicated to building fast and advanced UIs.

All the fundamental React.js concepts, jammed into this single Medium article (Samer Buna) View →
build with react (Paul Shen) View →
Learning React.js: Getting Started and Concepts (Scotch) View →
React.js Cheatsheet (Devhints) View →
React Cheat Sheet ( View →
React Cheat Sheet (PDF) (ihatetomatoes) View →
10 Super-Useful React Components, Libraries & Tools (Speckyboy) View →
React JS Crash Course (Traversy Media) View →
ReactJS For Beginners (Andrew Ray) View →
React Lifecycle Cheatsheet (Monica Olinescu) View →
Tutorial: Intro To React (Official) View →

More Useful Frameworks

Beyond the wildly popular selections above, there are many incredibly flexible JS frameworks worth checking out. Here are a few others worth a look.

Angular / AngularJS

Developed by Google, Angular (and legacy version AngularJS) is an open-source front end framework for building complex web applications.

Angular Cheat Sheet (Official) View →
AngularJS vs Angular (Code School) View →
Angular 4 Development Cheat Sheet (DotNetCurry) View →
Getting Started with Angular 4 (edureka!) View →
The Ultimate AngularJS Cheat Sheet (DotNetCurry) View →


Vue.js is an open-source JS framework that is meant to be incrementally adoptable, so it can be used in combination with other libraries.

Build a To-Do App with Vue.js 2 (Scotch) View →
Guide to Vue.js (Official) View →
Vue.js Complete API Cheat Sheet (Vue.js Tips and Tricks) View →
Vue.js Tutorials (GitBook) View →
VueJs: The Basics (coligo) View →

Build, Enhance, Learn

With such a wide variety of available resources, there’s never been a better time to dive into JavaScript. Whether you want to master a top framework or build foundational knowledge of the language itself, the resources above will help you get there.

If you’re looking for CSS cheatsheets, take a look at this article, and for WordPress, look here.