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50 of the Hottest Nightclub Poster Designs

on Inspiration

Despite the rise of social media and new, digital forms of advertising, posters are still an effective marketing method. They can be used to advertise any type of business and they are great for advertising nightclubs. A poster for a nightclub has to be attention-grabbing and needs to convey the atmosphere of your nightclub that will draw your intended audience in.

Your nightclub poster needs to stand out visually and communicate why your audience should plan their next night out in your club. As such, there’s quite a bit of information that needs to be included on the nightclub poster. This includes the club’s name and location as well as any special events that are going on. If the club has themed nights that they want to promote and advertise, you will need to include that information on the poster as well. Other information you might consider including is the admission price, dress code, and any other important details.

When you take all of the above into consideration, what looks like a simple design project can quickly become a hot mess. That’s why it’s a wise move to study nightclub poster designs before diving head-first into your project. By studying other poster designs, you’ll begin to notice design patterns and elements that are present on each poster.

In this post, we’re bringing you the hottest nightclub poster designs from all over the world that are sure to inspire you and they just might wake up your desire to go clubbing yourself!

If you’re currently designing a poster for a nightclub, these poster templates or these free poster mockup templates may help you.

RE:LOOP Nightclub Flyer by Danwilko

Beach Party Flyer by Zelery65

Clinton Sparks SmashTime Flyer by Zelery65

Tropical Saturdays Flyer by Zelery65

Funkhouse by Deweysi

Mengelmoes 2 by 1NNU3NDO

Haciendo Ambiente Flyer by Zelery65

SB Nightlife Annivesary by DeWeirdo


Nightclub Flyer Design by Keekoo

SOS Cop Trance by Silentsh0ut

Upscale Thursdays Flyer by Zelery65

Students Wanted Club Flyer by T0XICboy

MARDI GRAS by Tinachang89

Bumper Autumn by South

CMC Movie Appreciation Night by Haizeel

Old School Night Poster by AnotherBcreation

Indie Poster by IndieGround

Euphoria Liquidfunk DNB Night by Chaos-Media

Pimp My Night by Andraspop

PartySoul Night Flyer by Andraspop

Sexy Girl Poster by Jean Pierre Prieur

Sexy Girl Poster by Jean Pierre Prieur

Heaven Sent Event Poster by Elena Savitskaya

Urban Groundz Nightclub Poster by Richard Irehovbude Jr.

Heat Nightclub by Nick Maschinski

Fusion Promotional Artwork by Craig Willoughby

SLAP @ FAMILY by bassim g. fam

Big Game Weekend by Sebastian Pozos

Mixtapes & Club Flyers by Carter Isonhart

Saturday Nights by Shaun Buckle

Summer”s End by Carter Isonhart

Impresario Live Entertainment by Gabriel Gamio

Print Design & Artwork by Ed Goodacre

NorthernLightsFest by Zaahir Effendi

Nightclub by IndieGround Design

Retro Flyer Poster by IndieGround Design

Nightclub Flyer Poster by IndieGround Design

Indie Flyer/Poster by IndieGround Design

Indie Flyer/Poster by IndieGround Design

Alternative Flyer/Poster by IndieGround Design

Electro Flyer / Poster by IndieGround Design

Reggae Flyer / Poster by IndieGround Design

Nightclub Flyer / Poster by IndieGround Design

Indie Flyer / Poster by IndieGround Design

Alternative Flyer / Poster by IndieGround Design

Indie Flyer / Poster by IndieGround Design

Crazylegs by Andymusgrave

Marcus Nasty by Andymusgrave

SOHO saturdays TOM PIPER by Dale Watkins

Striking the right balance between vibrant, energetic imagery with loud colors and good information architecture that gets viewers into the nightclub is tricky. Hopefully, these posters gave you the inspiration you need to strike that balance in your own designs.