20 Creative Examples of Pricing Page Web Layouts for Inspiration


Every premium web application/service developer is well aware of the importance of showcasing pricing information on their website in an easy-to-read and stylish manner.

Not only can a well-thought-out pricing table showcase all available buying options, but they can also be designed to encourage and direct your potential buyers to a particular choice.

Here we are showcasing an inspirational assortment of some successful and impressive pricing pages to give your imagination a new dimension. Enjoy!

Big Cartel

A beautifully designed pricing page that is bit interactive as well permitting a broad range of content to be functional in a very small yet well-organized table.
Big Cartel Pricing Page Web Design Inspiration


Subtle and nice color changes are used to help users differentiate between plans. The most important business plan is being listed as Most Popular to let the users know that the Business Plan is the most popular among all.
Shopify Pricing Page Web Design Inspiration

Pricing Tables UI Kits

Simple and beautifully designed pricing detail page PSD templates that encourage users to sign up for their desired package.
Pricing Tables PSD UI Kits Web Design Inspiration

Crowd Signal

This site uses a neat and clean approach in their pricing page. Simple and effective pricing page design without any fancy tables and excessive graphical elements.
Crowd Signal Pricing Page Web Design Inspiration


Zendesk has a truly captivating pricing and sign up page design. Its sign up page features a small number of elements that will certainly help the site get more sign ups.
Zendesk Pricing Page Web Design Inspiration


Here the pricing page design presents a fresh table with pleasant and nice icons, equal spacing, and some smooth design features. Moreover, it imitates the design style of the rest of the site in the header, merging the pricing page design with the brand.
Litmus Pricing Page Web Design Inspiration

Detailed Price Table Template

Detailed Price Table Template


Four different plans are listed here with their prices and features. The most popular plan is being highlighted to showcase that it is the best value for your money.
Onehub Pricing Page Web Design Inspiration


LightCMS uses different colors to showcase the pricing of each package. A neat and simple pricing detail page design that grabs the attention.
LightCMS Pricing Page Web Design Inspiration

Jazz HR

The most important plan is listed as being selected to let users know that they should give it a try as it offers best value. A 14 day free trial is also offered to check the services.
Jazz HR Pricing Page Web Design Inspiration

Stoksi Pricing Page

Stoksi has been built on a 12 column (1170px) Bootstrap grid, and has been designed to make your pricing page convert better.
Stoksi Pricing Page Template Web Design Inspiration


Mailchimp’s pricing page is totally different from the rest in terms of its orientation. Here the pricing detail page is vertical, creating a unique style of organization for the type of content that Mailchimp sought to include.
Mailchimp Pricing Page Web Design Inspiration


A very sleek and stylish design that gives a quality feel to the app. The pricing page is well organized making it easy for users to pick the right plan.
Squarespace Pricing Page Web Design Inspiration


The pricing detail page for Harvest offers three plans in a simple table with an appealing call to action button. The simplicity of the page is the unique selling point for this website.
Harvest Pricing Page Web Design Inspiration


This pricing table comes with a very unique strategy that creates a visual interest and encourages users to select a plan.
Ronin Pricing Page Web Design Inspiration

Crazy Egg

Here the pricing detail page generates a visual appeal that has an encouraging effect on the conversion rate for each plan type.
Crazy Egg Pricing Page Web Design Inspiration


Neat and pleasing pricing page with three different plans. The most important and unlimited plan is highlighted to divert users’ attention.
TypePad Pricing Page Web Design Inspiration


Formstack lists their best and most popular plan by emphasizing on its color and box size to help users differentiate.
FormStack Pricing Page Web Design Inspiration

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor offers a free plan on the page and use buttons to encourage visitors to sign up for the free account.
Campaign Monitor Pricing Page Web Design Inspiration


An extremely appealing and professional pricing detail page that speaks volume about the packages the company offers.
Github Pricing Page Web Design Inspiration


The free plan is separated from the paid plans to make them stand out.
Slidedeck Pricing Page Web Design Inspiration

Team Treehouse

Various plans with a detailed list of features with a call to action button that encourages users to sign up.
Team Treehouse Pricing Page Web Design Inspiration


Three different plans are offered here so that you can choose one based on your needs. Pricing of each plan is listed on the top of the plan.
Disqus Pricing Page Web Design Inspiration

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