According to the world’s most experienced identity designers, a great logo design delivers all the meaning it intends to in just a few seconds. Designing a logo that is simple enough to be absorbed and understood quickly, but still convey the many meanings a brand might depend on, is not an easy task.

As you endeavor to design your logo, here are 50 simple, yet highly effective logo designs for your inspiration.

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Designed by Mike Erickson: “Idea here was complete opposite in every aspect. Evil/Good, Man/Woman, Sad/Happy, Black/White, opposite directions.”

World Rebalanced Conference

Designed by Aaron Bouvier: “Good ol’ Helvetica Bold + thick lines: simplified ID concept for PopTech’s upcoming 2011 conference World Rebalancing (the name was “World Rebalanced” at the time).”

Modern Electrical

Designed by Dustin.

Unholy Ladies Undergarments

Designed by Graham Smith: “Identity for a ladies lingerie and underwear seller of more provocative and risque nature. Think Ann Summers but more ‘devilish’. Needed to capture a stylish and elegant naughty and mischievous feel, but not seedy or cheap. Something to hopefully smile about when you see it.”

Five Points Pizza

Designed by Steve Hamaker.

Dutch Cowboys

Designed by Floris Voorveld: “A more or less well known blog in the Netherlands unveiled their new logo a few days ago. In my opinion it could have been better (to put it nicely).”

Guillory Camp

Designed by Dustin.

Type Division

Designed by Sergey Shapiro.


Designed by Mladen Zivanovic.

Circus of Magazines

Designed by Olivier Courbet: “Logo created for Circus of Magazines™, an online marketplace for magazines. It combines an open magazine and a circus tent in order to represent the online community and by extension the website.”


Designed by Dustin.

Artisan Créatif

Designed by Erik Ford: “Logo concept for an upcoming premium WordPress theme. This is heavily inspired by the hand painted signs of the 1930s and 1940s. The pixel icon is from our branding.”

Pitsford Cycles

Designed by Richard Wiggins.

Dhabiwood Studios

Designed by Birouty: Logo for Abu Dhabi studio, Dhabiwood Studios.


Designed by Graintalk.

Feathers Fashion

Designed by Elisha Leo.


Designed by Alen Pavlovic: “Client requested a super simple logotype version so I inserted the ‘wave’ theory right in there.”


Designed by Aaron Allen.

Top Shelf

Designed by MontgomeryQ: “Incentive trip planning company. They wanted something to reflect the bartender’s phrase “Top Shelf” as in, the finest experience.”

Kings Poker

Designed by Jason Varga.

Atlantis Inn

Designed by Wade Winebrenner: “Brand identity for Atlantis Inn on Tybee Island.”

Union Type

Designed by Josh Hayes.

Nest 8

Designed by MontgomeryQ.


Designed by Alden Haley: “WIP logo for a company that hosts office space for start up tech companies. I used really tight kerning for a sense of closeness and community. The square is to symbolize a “pad” and the bottom is an arrow pushing up into the square for ‘start ups.'”

Natural Day

Designed by Elisha Leo.


Designed by Jon-Paul Lunney: “Identity for a coffee company specialising in trading coffee worldwide.”


Designed by Deividas Bielskis: “Logo for cloud computing company.”


Designed by Sean Heisler: “Proposal for a youth fashion brand named TS.”


Designed by Leo: “Website for an IT/HR company.”

Belfast City Vineyard

Designed by Andrew Rossborough.

Pitchfork Monogram

Designed by Jared Granger.


Designed by Michael McMillan.


Designed by jillz: “This is a logo designed for one of my clients. It’s called “eptic”. Logo is based on a hedgehog.”

Divvy Up

Designed by Michael Krell.

Designed by Christopher Kennedy: “Got a phone call late at night asking to convert a napkin sketch into a logo. Just a typical night in the startup world. is an easy way to view people in your network that work at the site you’re visiting.”

Ninth Earth

Designed by Andrew Newhouse.

Not Found

Designed by crislabno: “An interactive web agency. Hiding bug/insect/bee behind D letter.”

Sacred Space

Designed by Saawan: “Path (Doorway) to the eye of insight (Enlightenment). For a spiritual organization.”


Designed by Jord Riekwel: “They liked the curvy feel of the previous version, and they are confident it suits their company, because they do so much more than just software. This version has tiny adjustments to the shape and flow of most letters, and added a sugestion made by the client: the dot of the ‘j’ as a part of the ‘j’ big shape.”


Designed by Richard Baird: “Logo for a record label based in the UK, the hut is loosely based on that of Luke Skywalkers family farm.”

Bowling Shoe

Designed by fools-e.

Architektura + Fotografia

Designed by macov.

Mathieu Straback

Designed by Mathieu Straback.

Steel Botanica

Designed by Alen Pavlovic: “Logo for the metal artist from USA who does sculptures and designs, builds and installs custom lighting, home railings, signs and any other home or commercial need related to steel.”

Edward Chetwynd Antiques

Designed by Robb Owen: “I tried to get a bit of a sense-of-place with this. The business is in darkest Wales so I designed the welsh feathers background for the masthead of the website. The cockerel is significant as there is a cast-iron cockerel outside his showroom (and his farm is overrun with chickens!).”