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Life as a web developer is challenging, fulfilling, and ever-changing in more ways than one. Being one, you most likely approach a complex project with enthusiasm and knowledge. When you succeed, it can open the door to even greater and more exciting challenges. Yet, there will be times when the tools or resources that could help you work faster and better don’t seem to be there.

It happens that you run up against a number of difficulties. These can involve team or task management or invoicing and payments hassles. Perhaps, it can even be a need for a programming application to help you address an emerging design trend. Either way, be sure that you’ll find quality solutions here.

Excellent reviews, site ranking, and overall value. These were the key factors in selecting these products and services for you.

1. monday.com


monday.com provides a centralized platform for teams to manage every aspect of their work, whether it involves high-level planning or day-to-day tasks. The quality and ease of use of this colorful and intuitive project management tool has made it the choice of technical and non-technical teams alike.

monday.com’s team management features can be effectively applied to any size team, whether it’s a team of two or a team of hundreds spread around the globe. Over 35,000 paying teams currently use this team management tool. These teams work as small groups, for agencies and startups, and for Fortune 500 companies.

One of the things team members and their management like best about monday.com is the way in which it makes its users feel empowered, and by doing so boosts transparency, collaboration, and collective productivity. Teams work better when they love the tools they work with; especially when the tools connect the people to the processes, something this team management tool excels at.

2. Waypoints


Waypoints offers developers a better way to incorporate interactions and scrolling animations in their layouts; two areas which can be time consuming if the results are to be correct and effective. Waypoints is a library that programmers can easily access, select the build they need, and without difficulty trigger a function when scrolling to an element on a page.

All that’s needed to do to use the free Waypoints plan is to download it. The directory contains builds for jQuery and Zepto along with a version with no framework dependencies. Be sure to check out the Shortcuts section as it contains shortcut scripts for common Waypoint uses.

Shortcuts you should find particularly useful in working to contemporary design requirements are Sticky Elements, Infinite Scroll, and Inview.

3. AND CO from Fiverr

AND CO from Fiverr

AND CO is a beautiful, simple to use app for freelancers and small groups to manage their time and expense tracking, invoicing and payments, and recurring payments tasks.

You can create custom, personalized invoices, and since AND CO integrates with Stripe and PayPal you can accept payments online. This multi-purpose app will also assist you in preparing attractive, customized proposals that can lead to more and higher quality work.

You can also use this app to generate reports on income, expenses, time utilization, and more. AND CO effectively runs a good part of your business, so you can devote the bulk of your time to design, development, or other core activities.

Best of all – AND CO is free.

4. Nutcache


Nutcache is a comprehensive project management software designed for developers. The Nutcache app provides a Github integration so you can keep track of code changes made to every iteration.

Where Nutcache stands out from the competition is the way in which it integrates financial considerations into its Agile/Scrum project management capabilities. Critical project information from initial estimating and budgeting to final billing is captured and available for viewing, on-demand, and on a centralized screen.

5. TMS-Outsource


The TMS team takes programming beyond writing quality software that fulfills the specifications. Once the initial development work is completed to their satisfaction, they’ll take another iteration or two to make the product even better. That, together with the fact that this team adheres to Agile SCRUM processes and methodologies ensures your total satisfaction with their results.

Tips on Becoming a Better Developer

Improving your programming skills is an easy career goal to give yourself, and a good one, but becoming a “kick-ass programmer” is not necessarily easy to achieve. There are some actionable guidelines you can follow to make improving your programming skills much easier, however. Here they are:

1. Read code written by others – lots of it

This is one of the most valuable things you can do to improve your own programming skills. Every programmer whose code you read may not necessarily be more skilled than you. But you’ll always find solutions to problems that have been created that you can use or learn from. Look at another programmer’s code as if it was a tutorial.

2. Write personal code – lots of it

The benefit here is that when the code you’re writing doesn’t have to meet someone else’s spec. You have greater freedom to create and try new programming techniques. This learning by experimenting approach is bound to make your skills more marketable.

3. “Working code” is good – but not good enough

You obviously want to write quality software that satisfies the spec. That’s what’s expected of you. Great programmers don’t stop there. They strive to make it better. Clients want code that works. Give them code that “sings”.


Are you looking for an app to better organize and manage your projects and tasks? There’s something here for you that should prove to be a sound investment.

There’s also a solution for you whether you’re looking for a time-saving programming tool. Same goes for those, who look for a service provider to do the entire project for them. Whatever you choose, your projects are bound to move along much more smoothly.

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