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Ways Web Designers Give Away Their Time (Without Realizing It)

Many people outside of the industry are surprised to find out that web designers are just like them. We need to eat, have a roof over our heads and a…


How to Choose Hardware for Your Design Business

The tools we use can go a long way towards determining whether we produce a quality end product. And they also play a huge role in helping us stay within…


12 Free Smoke Brush Packs for Adobe Photoshop

Check out our collection of high-resolution and free smoke brush packs for Adobe Photoshop, and download and use them on your next project.


It’s Task Management, Not Time Management

We go over a few essential tips that designers and developers can use right away to help manage their time and work more effectively.


Start Fast with These Demo Content Generators

Demo content is probably one of the least talked about items in a designer’s toolbox. Yet, it’s also very useful. While we often see it as a means to populate…


Get Real-Time Flight Status and Aviation Data with aviationstack

The use of online travel-based services and apps is continuing to grow. With that comes an increasing demand for real-time data. And, when it comes to flight statuses and other…


One Designer’s Struggle to Redesign His Website

Being a busy web designer is a little bit like being a parent. You’re so focused on taking care of everyone else’s needs that you may well neglect your own….


The Grumpy Designer’s Advice for Avoiding Painful Tasks

Every job has its highs and lows – web design is no different. For me, I often find my highs when there are opportunities to be creative. Whether it’s through…


How Efficiency Makes You a Better Designer

I’m a big fan of being efficient. While that doesn’t necessarily make me a hit at parties, it does help me get through a workday with a sense of accomplishment….


The Productivity Benefits of Scrum in Modern Web Development

Before the Industrial Revolution, most goods were produced by hand by a single person. Master craftsmen labored over their work, producing a finished product they could be accountable for and…


Improve Productivity by Properly Organizing Your Folders in Photoshop

In the digital world, organising files is an essential part of efficiency. This practice even goes down to the smallest details, like organising every Photoshop layer and each line of…


Enterprise Productivity Apps for Remote Teams