Understand Your Users Better by Delving Deeper Into Your Analytics with Ptengine

With the internet becoming an overcrowded place with each passing day, it is becoming more and more difficult for webmasters and websites owners to get their online presence noticed. Of course, a good SEO strategy, proper promotion, good web design, support for mobile devices, and above all, quality content — all of this is vital for the success of every website.

However, what happens after you manage to attract visitors to your site? How do you find out whether your visitors actually liked your content, how they interacted with your site, what encouraged them to browse more, what forced them to quit your website, and so on?

Yes, this is where analytics come in. A good analytics and stats tool will help you assess and analyze the performance of your website with ease and enable you to improve your site to better serve your visitors.

In this post, I will be introducing you to one such analytics platform — Ptengine.


Ptengine: Heatmaps and Web Analytics Platform

Ptengine is a web analytics and heatmaps tool that helps you analyze your website’s performance in real-time.

First thought that might come to you: well, how is it different from Google Analytics?

Well, the answer is simple: heatmaps! Ptengine, rather than just serving crude statistics and analytics to you, also offers you heatmaps and the ability to boost your conversion rates by actually deciphering how your visitors are interacting with your site.

Need more? Ptengine has a lot to offer!


In terms of page analytics, Ptengine offers analysis that is unparalleled. You get scroll heat maps, scroll reach maps, attention heatmaps, click heatmaps, as well as comparison and breakdown of each heatmap to help you interpret the data easily.

Ptengine scroll heat map, scroll reach maps attention heatmaps click heatmaps

But more importantly, Ptengine lets you monitor multiple devices. Yes, in the era of mobile, you are missing out if you are not responsive, and Ptengine realizes that, thereby allowing you to focus specifically on mobile users as well. Furthermore, since Ptengine also tracks custom events, it can give you data that Analytics won’t provide you simply by counting page views. Events fired by outbound links, downloads, email links, clicks on video play buttons — all of this, and more.

Still need more? Well, how about group analytics and custom campaigns, plus special optimization for conversion funnel and conversion rates?

In terms of analytics, Ptengine offers smart and efficient information in terms of geographical analytics and visitor statistics, and support for multiple domains as well.

Ptengine scroll heat map, scroll reach maps attention heatmaps click heatmaps


Here comes the too good to be true part: Ptengine has a free plan that lets you do everything that is mentioned above. You can track up to 20,000 page views per month for a single domain in this plan.

If you need more page views, or additional websites, you can opt for the paid plans. The Startup plan starts at $39 per month and lets you track 20 domains, whereas the Enterprise plan costs $319 per month, and lets you track unlimited domains with unlimited heat maps.

And before you ask, even if you opt for the free plan, you will still be entitled to support.


Nowadays, running an online presence has become difficult owing to rapid competition and new trends that keep emerging regularly.

As such, by analyzing your users’ behavior and ways in which they interact with your website, you cannot only boost your conversion rates but also understand areas where you might be losing out.

Therefore, tools like Ptengine can prove really useful whether you are just starting out or an enterprise entity.

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