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10 Free Adobe AIR RSS Feed Readers

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Adobe AIR has recently surpassed well over 100 million downloads, and its all thanks largely to the many Twitter apps available. Now, I love Adobe AIR, and hate its current reputation that it is seemingly limited to only Twitter. Why is no one downloading the AIR RSS apps? You should be, they are great, just have a look at the list below.

AlertThingy – FriendFeed Edition

Adobe Air and RSS
AlertThingy – FriendFeed Edition »
Get all your FriendFeed updates direct to your desktop with AlertThingy FriendFeed Edition. You can view your FriendFeed stream, read and add comments, like and dislike items, share and upload images.
AlertThingy FriendFeed Edition is also available for the iphone from the app store.

AlertThingy – FriendFeed Edition Video Review


Adobe Air and RSS
Snackr: Homepage »
Snackr is an RSS ticker that pulls random items from your feeds and scrolls them across your desktop. When you see a title that looks interesting, you can click on it to pop up the item in a window.
It is open source, so you can hack on Snackr using the Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR SDKs, but life will be much easier if you use Adobe Flex Builder, an Eclipse-based IDE for developing Flex applications. Download the source here:

Snackr in Action Video


Adobe Air and RSS
ReadAir »
ReadAir can sync your Google Reader feeds straight to your desktop. Its doesn't lose many of the features from Google Reader,you can star items, add and tag feeds and also search. It can also be controlled with keyboard shortcuts, which was missing in early releases, and can also be downloaded with a cool MAC themed interface.

ReadAir Screenshot

Adobe Air and RSS

Scoop: What’s new?

Adobe Air and RSS
Scoop: What’s new? »
Currently, in beta, Scoop is a great alternative solution to existing browser-based RSS feed readers. Scoop is feature-rich and easy to use. With its instant notifications, the possibility to read feeds in offline mode, the ability to import and export feeds, view your feed in image mode and with synchronize with Google, Scoop really is one of the best desktop apps you could use.


Adobe Air and RSS
ShareFire »
ShareFire is a feature-rich RSS feed aggregator that allows you to share stories via social media internally. It lets you read all your news in one place, and share it all in one place, all you have to do is click on an article to start it cascading through your social network.
When you click on a feed, you can either view the article's summary or you can switch over to Site View to see the entire webpage in the integrated browser. You can organize the feeds into folders, or create Smart Topics with keywords (only posts containing those keywords will show up in your Smart Topics) and it can automatically categorize feeds by topic and author.


Adobe Air and RSS
GeoFeeder »
The GeoFeeder GeoRSS-reader displays geotagged RSS feeds right where they're located: on a map (in all flavors: Virtual Earth, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, OpenStreetMap …). Open the list to sort and click through items by title. It has an advanced html-tooltip show all contained news information. Add your personal feed to the shared feed-library or choose one of the already preconfigured sources.


Adobe Air and RSS
EspressoReader »
EspressoReader is a promising Google Reader app (this is an Alpha release), with the overall goal to create an application for managing all the information streams that you read on a daily basis, and provide a user interfaces that help sifting through all of that easier. The current release includes a PhotoView that lays out all the images in different feeds one below the other, which works out really well if you are subscribed to image heavy feeds like web comics. It supports multiple viewing options, choose from either text, image or browser and view it all in full screen should you wish. It also supports sharing via Twitter. With further development this app could be awesome, with a cool name as well.

EspressoReader Screenshot

Adobe Air and RSS

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