Win More Work and Save Time Using These Proposals

One of the biggest challenges of running a small business is finding new clients while also finding time to do the work you already have. It’s a delicate balance.

Qwilr is a tool that you and your team can use to streamline the time-consuming tasks of creating proposals, project estimates and presentations. The best part is that Qwilr turns these formerly boring documents into beautiful, interactive, mobile-friendly web pages. You’ll impress prospects while saving tons of time.

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Easy to Build, Easy on the Eyes

Create interactive documents in no time by choosing one of Qwilr’s stunning templates. From there, use the powerful editing tools to customize the template to match your brand.

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You’ll have access to a premium library of stock photos and videos to ensure that you convey just the right message. I’ve found that there are a great variety of useful assets available for virtually any type of document.

Plus, you can embed interactive elements like maps, videos and spreadsheets from elsewhere on the web – allowing you to further personalize the experience. Like what you’ve built? With Qwilr, you can easily re-use documents again and again.

All-in-One Integrations

Not only can you send your prospects a great-looking proposal, you can also take advantage of Qwilr’s contracting features to speed things up by allowing your clients to instantly accept, e-sign and even pay for an agreement – all from within your documents.

You can also rely on Qwilr’s integrations with your favorite apps to automate the rest of your manual, time-consuming tasks.

qwilr proposal integrations

Tap into services like Salesforce, Stripe, FreshBooks, Slack, QuickBooks or Zapier to streamline your sales process. Or, create your own integrations via the Qwilr API.

I love the fact that Qwilr makes things easier for clients to do business with you. No hoops to jump through – everything they need is available on one page.

Powerful Information and Security

Take the guesswork out of your presentations by seeing exactly how prospects interact with them. Gain insight with powerful information such as the length of time spent viewing the various sections of your document, where users clicked and more. You can even receive a notification when your document is first viewed.

Qwilr also provides you with peace of mind in knowing that you can secure your documents with passwords, time and view limits. Documents can also be quickly and easily disabled at any time.

Try Qwilr for Free

Aren’t you tired of setting up the same old proposals and presentations? The process can be slow, clunky and takes precious time away from the tasks you’d rather be doing.

Start creating documents that boost sales while making your life easier. Sign up to give Qwilr a try for free and see the difference for yourself. Or, if you want to jump in straight away, Speckyboy readers can get 50% off for the first three months using the code speckyboy. I think you’ll be amazed at how much Qwilr helps you streamline your business and increases sales.

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