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Data portability is something that we don’t often think about until we need it. This is especially so with WordPress. Our posts, users, eCommerce orders, etc., live happily in a database. But when we want to access and take that information with us (and potentially import it into another site), it’s not always a simple task.

One way to handle this is via backend software like phpMyAdmin. You can import and export a full database or just specific tables. It offers a lot of flexibility. But that is not recommended for the faint of heart. It is entirely possible to bring down a site if you’re not careful.

In most cases, the better way to perform these tasks is through a WordPress plugin. Many feature a more user-friendly GUI and some are built for niche uses like user accounts or WooCommerce orders. This is an added layer of convenience overdoing things through phpMyAdmin.

A word to the wise: Misuse of a plugin can still result in damage. So always make sure to back up your site before messing around with critical data. Even better, make a copy of your site and test things out in a staging environment before touching a live install of WordPress.

With that, here are 10 free plugins you can use to import and export various kinds of data with WordPress. Note that while the plugins are categorized as Import or Export, some will happily perform both functions.

The Top Data Import & Export WordPress Plugins

WP All Import Plugin

WP All Import is designed for times when you want to import posts from a CSV or XML file that isn’t WordPress-friendly by default. It could be something a client created, or it could be from a different CMS. The plugin doesn’t require any special elements or layouts in the file, making a tough job easier.

A companion Export plugin is also available.

WP All Import

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin

WP Ultimate CSV Importer (which also provides Exports) enables you to import an array of data. Included are the abilities to import posts, pages, custom post types, comments, users, custom fields and even SEO information from All in One SEO Pack. You can also import images from external URLs.

WP Ultimate CSV Importer

Import Users from CSV with Meta WordPress Plugin

If you have many users to import, Import Users from CSV with Meta is a lifesaver. Not only will it bring new users into your WordPress install, but it can also update data for existing users. Plus, it will import Meta from plugins like WooCommerce, or you can create your own custom info.

You’ll also be able to assign each user a specific role and choose whether or not to send an email to new users.

Import Users from CSV with Meta

Customizer Export/Import WordPress Plugin

Recreating the exact theme settings in the WordPress Customizer can be extremely tedious – especially when you’re using a theme that has lots of options.

Customizer Export/Import makes it a breeze, allowing you to export or import settings from another site (or restore a backup) directly from within the Customizer.

Customizer Export/Import

JSON Content Importer for WordPress

JSON Content Importer lets you display live data from a JSON feed through a simple Shortcode. Control how many items are displayed, use keyword settings to only display specific types of content, and more. The plugin uses a template engine to help you tweak the layout to your liking.

Export User Data WordPress Plugin

Perfect for eCommerce and membership sites, Export User Data makes it easy to export a custom spreadsheet of users. Craft your export from custom user meta (including fields added by BuddyPress), registration date, and user role. This allows administrators to quickly narrow things down to just a specific segment of accounts.

Export User Data

Advanced Orders Export Plugin for WooCommerce

Advanced Orders Export for WooCommerce is incredibly flexible. It enables you to export virtually anything associated with a WooCommerce product, including Meta and custom fields.

Powerful filters and the ability to move fields around allow for fine-tuning an export to your liking. Export your orders in CSV, XLS, XML, and JSON. Available code snippets help you add compatibility with certain Woo extensions.

Export All URLs WordPress Plugin

Do you need to quickly grab a listing of all the titles, URLs, and categories for your WordPress Website? Export All URLs will create a page on your site listing it all. Data can be exported and categorized by post type.

Export All URLs

Simple CSV/XLS Exporter for WordPress

Simple CSV/XLS Exporter is a utility that lets you pick and choose what is included with your export.

Pick from any standard or custom post type, select fields, or get really specific by choosing posts made by a specific user ID. WooCommerce orders can also be included in an export.

Export Media with Selected Content for WordPress

When exporting a post type in WordPress, the media attached to those posts are not included. Export Media with Selected Content provides a fix by allowing you to choose whether or not to include media files in the package.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What Are Importing and Exporting WordPress Plugins?
    They are plugins that help you move data in and out of your WordPress site. You can use them to transfer things like posts, pages, products, and more.
  • Can These Plugins Handle Large Amounts of Data?
    Many of these plugins are built to handle large datasets, but it’s always a good idea to check the plugin’s specifications and maybe test it with a smaller data set first.
  • Are These Import and Export Plugins Compatible with All File Types?
    Most plugins support common file types like CSV, XML, and JSON. Make sure to pick one that’s compatible with the file format you need.
  • Do I Need Technical Skills to Use These Plugins?
    Not necessarily. Many are designed with easy-to-use interfaces, though a basic understanding of your data structure can be helpful.
  • Can I Schedule Regular Data Imports or Exports?
    Some plugins offer features like scheduled imports or exports, which can be a huge time-saver if you need to move data on a regular basis.
  • What If I Run into Problems with the Plugin?
    Most plugin developers provide some level of support, and there’s also a wealth of information available in online forums and communities.
  • Can I Customize How Data Is Imported or Exported?
    Yes, many plugins allow you to map fields and configure settings to match your specific needs. This can be a handy feature if you’re working with unique data structures.

Portability is Important

The ability to move data around is a necessary feature for many organizations. User data can go back and forth to keep a membership roster up to date. Online sales data can be imported into accounting software to get ready for tax time. And, there’s always the need to move data between websites.

While some of the plugins above have a more narrow focus than others, they can all serve the purpose of making a WordPress website’s data more portable. That, in turn, makes life easier for both designers and site owners.

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