155 Resources for Getting Started With WordPress

This list below has took me a few weeks to compile, I have sifted the net and came up with 155 of the best WordPress Resources, covering, tutorials, plugins, themes, WP and AJAX, forums, podcasting, WP and DIGG (social bookmarking)…and on…and the list goes on and on… I think I have covered everything.

Everything here for the novice all the way up to the expert.

Essential WordPress Requirements and Installation

1. Download Latest Version of WordPress (currently WP2.5.1).

2. Or, you can download previuos versions of WP (from version 0.71 and upwards).

3. Choose a Web Host that can handle WordPress, without paying a lot for it.

4. Here are the WordPress Server Requirments….

5. Choose a Domain Name, check that it is available.

6. Now, lets install WP. How abut the Quick 5 Minute Installation?.

7. If you have a little more time, or need to take a little more care, try the longer Installation Process.

8. Step by Step WordPress Installation.

9. Click here to read a great article on WordPress Installation.

10. Try this Screencast, if you are still having installation problems.

Install WordPress Locally

11. Install WordPress Locally on Windows, with Xamplite.

12. Install WordPress Locally on Mac OSX, with Mamp.

13. Install WordPress Locally on Linux.

14. Try this screencast if you need to.

Lets get a Quality (FREE) WordPress Theme, try these…

15. WP Theme Viewer.

16. If you have the time, try getting through these 980 (honestly) themes.

17. 100 Favourite WordPress Themes, from Desperate Curiosity.

18. 100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes, from Smashing Magazine.

19. Here are my Top 30 WP Themes.

20. WP Themez.

21. Tutorial on how to install your new theme.

What about all those free Magazine Style Themes I’ve been hearing about?

22. Free “WP Premium” Magazine Theme, from CSS ace .

23. The Morning After Magazine Theme.

24. A Minimalist WordPress Magazine Theme – Modicus Remix.

25. Upstart Blogger Futurosity Magazine (all themes on this site are phenomenal).

26. Structure: WordPress Magazine Theme.

27. Visionary: WordPress Magazine Theme (from the same designer as ‘Structure’.

28. Jello Wala Mello WordPress Theme.

We have a great looking site, now lets make it secure with some plugins

29. Try Akismet to stop SPAM.

30. WordPress Database Backup Plugin, better being safe than sorry.

31. Toughen up your login with Semisecure Login.

32. Scans your site for security issues.

Lets get a decent Contact Form Plugin for your Contact Page

33. By far and away the best Contact Form Plugin.

34. TDO Mini Forms is another excellent plugin.

What about some Widgets for the Sidebar

35. If you are using a WP version below2.3, you will need to download this to install Widgets.

36. A massive list of Widgets.

Were else can I get Plugins?

37. WordPress Official Plugin Site.

38. WordPress Plugin Repository.

39. WordPress Plugin Database.

40. Blogginpros Plugin Archive is great for newly released plugins.

41. Top 30 WordPress Plugins that are actually useful!.

42. 30 Free Resources for Photoblogging and Image Galleries (WordPress).

What about Social Bookmarking?

43. Get an AddThis button for your site which links to all major social sites.

44. You could try this handy bookmarking plugin called Gregarious.

45. This is the bookmarking plugin I like to use, very simple to use and doesn’t ruin your sites theme.

Will I need to do something with my RSS feed?

46. Feedburner is a very useful tool to use for your feeds.

47. Read all about RSS validation here.

48. CopyFeed is an excellent plugin, that works in conjunction with RSS.

Podcasting and WordPress

49. Read about Podcasting and WordPress.

50. Download the Podpress Plugin.

Screencasting and WordPress

51. Read about Screencasting.

Want to read more about WordPress, try these…

52. WP Designer.

53. WP Candy.

54. Matt Mullenwegs personal blog (WordPress Founder).

55. Lorelle on WordPress.

56. Web Blog Tools Collection.

57. Solostream (excellent themes as well).

58. Lorelle on WordPress.

59. Easy WordPress.

60. Automattics blog.

61. Alex King.

62. Ryan on WordPress (WP developer).

63. Mark on WordPress.

Some Ajax, anyone?

64. Read all about WordPress and Ajax from the Codex.

65. AJAXed WordPress Because WordPress loves AJAX (great site).

66. Ryan on WordPress (WP developer).

67. AJAX WP Themes.

68. The AJAX Libraries.

69. 30 AJAX powered WP Plugins.

AJAX (Javascript) Frameworks, for the advanced WP designer

70. Prototype Homepage.

71. script.aculo.us Homepage, this works in conjunction with Prototype.

72. MooTools Homepage.

73. jQuery Homepage.

Here are some Ajax Scripts you can download

74. 20 Top Script.aculo.us Scripts you can’t live without.

75. 41 of the Best MooTools Ajax Example Downloads.

76. 65 Excellent jQuery Resources (tutorials,cheat sheets,ebooks,demos,plugins…).

Feel a need to cheat? Here are some cheat sheets.

77. WP Cheat Sheet from Andy Wibbels.

78. WP Cheat Sheet from WP Candy.

Pimp my WP Admin

79. WP Tiger Administration.

80. AFD WP2 Admin.

81. Js Style Admin + Drop Menus.

82. WP NiceAdmin.

Here are some advanced WordPress Tutorials

83.WordPress Theme Hacks.

84. No More CSS Hacks.

85. Create a Dynamic Sticky.

86. Styling Individual Posts Using the_ID.

87. Show Category Images.

88. Separate WordPress Comments and Trackbacks.

89. Customize your WordPress Login.

90. Date Image Hack.

91. How to place a login form in the sidebar.

100. WP: KeyBoard Shortcuts.

101. Making Better Use of Your Error “404? Page.

102. Customize Your 404 Page.

103. WordPress accessibility hacks.

104. Reset your Lost WordPress Administrator Password.

105. The Definitive Guide to Semantic Web Markup for Blogs.

106. Do-It-Yourself WordPress Hover Menu (Pop-Up).

107. How to Protect CSS Mods for ANY WordPress Theme.

108. WP Contact Manager.

109. WordPress and the custom fields, a overlooked feature.

110. DiggProof your WordPress.

111. WordPress Ajax Commenting revisited.

112. Widgetizing Themes.

113. Cloaking to Stop Scraping.

114. Server load button for blogs.

115. Giving each WordPress post a thumbnail, and display the thumbnail on the home page.

116. How to create overlapping tabs.

117. How to Optimize Your WordPress Title.

118. Blocking Your WordPress Categories and Archives From Google.

119. Adding An Author Page To Your WordPress Blog.

120. Make a Mobile Friendly Version of your Blog with Google Reader.

121. How to Use WordPress as a Membership Directory.

122. How to Format Images for Feed Readers.

123. Add Del.icio.us Daily Blog Posting To Your WordPress Blog.

124. Huge Compilation of WordPress Code.

125. 4 Simple ways to Speed up WordPress.

126. WordPress Date Button.

127. Wicked WordPress Archives in One Easy Step!.

128. Make Yourself Available to Readers with a Contact Form.

129. WordPress as a CMS – Content Management System.

130. Installing Xampp and WordPress (Locally).

131. WordPress Category Page Hacks.

132. 3 WordPress Hacks For SE-Friendly Blog Archives.

133. Opening Links in New Windows.

134. WordPress Thumbnail Size Limit Hack.

135. Restore your WordPress Database.

136. Validating WordPress.

137. Backing Up WordPress.

138. Getting your feet wet inWP.

139. Importing Content from another blog.

WordPress Video Tutorials

140. The Best WordPress Plug-ins.

141. How to embed YouTube Video in WordPress.

142. How to Upgrade WordPress.

143. Make Your WordPress Blog Search Engine Friendly.

144. WordPress.com – Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Blog.

145. How To Create A Custom WordPress Page Template.

146. Recover WordPress Password When You Have Forgotten It.

147. WordPress Tutorial – Edit a Sidebar File Using a Text Editor.

148. WordPress Tutorial – Make Menus of Links With the Blogroll2.

149. How-to: Use WordPress/PodPress to podcast to iTunes.

150. How to Put Adsense on Your WordPress Blog.

WordPress Podcasts

151. The WordPress Podcast.

152. The WordPress Weekly.

WordPress Showcase

153. We Love WP.

154. Loop Press.

WordPress Forums

155. WordPress Official Forum.

155. Easy WordPress Forum.

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