5 Free Material Design Inspired WordPress Themes


Google’s Material Design guidelines have become a popular framework for creating intuitive and user-friendly websites. Fortunately, this concept has made its way to WordPress, the world’s leading content management system (CMS).

With a wide range of Material Design-inspired themes available for WordPress, you can easily integrate this modern and stylish approach into your own website. Best of all, many of these themes are completely free to download and use.

In this collection, we’ve compiled ten of the best free WordPress themes that incorporate Material Design principles. These themes offer a range of customizable templates, bold typography, and eye-catching layouts designed to make your website more intuitive and engaging for your audience.

Whether you’re building a personal blog or a business website, these themes can help you create a unique and modern online presence that stands out from the crowd. Check out our selection and start integrating Material Design into your WordPress site today!

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Best Free Material Design WordPress Themes

Official Material Design WordPress Theme

This is the official WordPress theme from the team behind Google’s open-source design system. By applying Material Design principles and Material Theming, you can easily customize your site’s style. Additionally, you can use the official Material Design for WordPress plugin to further customize your site’s navigation, colors, typography, and shapes.

Official Material Design WordPress Theme

Material Design Starter Theme

The Material Design Starter Theme is a customizable WordPress theme built with Google’s Material Design Lite framework. As well as the material Design aesthetic, it offers basic tools for creating a unique WordPress website. The theme offers a responsive SASS framework, basic templates, and support for language translation.

Material Design Starter Theme

Materialis Material Design Theme

Materialis is a flexible and responsive WordPress theme that offers drag-and-drop functionality to help you create a Material Design-inspired website. With customizable features like video backgrounds and gradient overlays, you can create a unique website in no time.

Materialis Material Design Theme WordPress

Hestia Material-Inspired WordPress Theme

Hestia is a versatile WordPress theme suitable for a range of professional applications. It features a one-page design, widgetized footer, and blog/news page, and is compatible with popular plugins like Elementor Page Builder and Photo Gallery. It utilizes Material Kit for its design, giving your site a professional and modern look.

Hestia Material-Inspired WordPress Theme

Material Design SEO WP

Based on Material Design and optimized for speed, SEO WP is a responsive WordPress theme that has been designed for any blog website. The simple theme is also Jetpack Infinite Scroll compatible and removes extra CSS files to improve load times.

Material Design SEO WP

It’s a Material World

Bringing the aesthetic and user-friendliness of Material Design to your WordPress website is easy with the free themes covered above. Whether you’re looking to quickly transform your site with a full-fledged theme or want a solid baseline to create your own look, there are plenty of great free resources available.

Material Design WordPress Theme Frequently FAQs

  • What Are Material Design WordPress Themes?
    Material Design WordPress themes are themes that follow the Material Design principles set by Google. They focus on bold, graphic, and intentional visuals and motion, providing a unified experience across platforms and devices.
  • Who Should Use Material Design WordPress Themes?
    These themes are ideal for anyone who wants a modern, responsive, and visually appealing website. They are particularly popular among tech companies, startups, and creative professionals.
  • Why Opt for a Material Design Theme for Your WordPress Site?
    Material Design themes offer a clean, consistent, and user-friendly interface, making them perfect for creating a professional and engaging online presence.
  • How Do Material Design Themes Enhance User Experience?
    They use grid-based layouts, responsive animations, padding, and depth effects like lighting and shadows, which create a more intuitive and enjoyable user experience.
  • Can Material Design Themes Be Customized Easily?
    Yes, these themes come with customizable options, allowing you to edit the theme to suit your specific needs.
  • Are Material Design WordPress Themes Mobile-Friendly?
    Absolutely. One of the core principles of Material Design is seamless functionality across all device types, ensuring a consistent and responsive experience on mobiles and tablets.

More Free WordPress Themes

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