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Sharing has always been at the heart of Automattic, the developers of WordPress. And now those developers are looking to give back to the community – in the true spirit of open source. They have just launched a brand new resource for WordPress designers and developers called Code Poet.

Code Poet aims to collect the knowledge that is scattered around the web in such a way that the large WordPress user-base can take advantage of. Pete Davies, Premium Services Lead at Automattic, spoke to us about the learning process they’ve engaged in to identify their developer and designer base.

He explained, “We’ve learned a lot over the last year or so (through surveys and other data) that so much of the recent growth and success of WordPress has been driven by independent businesses and freelancers – people that are using WordPress to build sites for others: companies of all sizes, non-profits, and individuals.”


Code Poet is hoping to provide solace and foster communication among professionals, especially smaller businesses and freelancers who are a growing segment in the developer community. Automattic has relied on surveys to gauge trends around WordPress’s growth and success, and their most recent survey showed that ~7,000 (out of a pool of 18,000) respondents identified themselves as independent WordPress developers.

Davies explained that the site was founded with the desire to provide a venue for WordPress-based businesses to share their experiences and advice. From tips on responsive design, to free contract templates or learning about better business practices from those in the same industry, “there’s no one good place to go for help with all that right now… that’s what we hope Code Poet will become,” he added.

The site also will have some e-published offerings. Currently, this is in the form of two e-books, which emphasize their small business slant, and cover developer rates and responsive web design. The site also hosts a number of articles, interviews and plenty of resources, that focus on improving anything from theme development, business issues, to design.

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