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10 Blank/Naked WordPress Themes Perfect for Development

If you have to develop Wordpress themes on a regular basis then I have no doubt that you too have experienced the tedium that goes with re-writing the same code over and over again. It doesn’t matter how excited you are about a new project or even how much you love web design, having to repeatedly do the same basic coding for every single theme can be really, really annoying.

40 Awesome WordPress Themes

Think back to three years ago and to the standards of blogging platforms and to the power of the then themes. Wordpress and its community changed all that, the blogging platform has evolved into an industry standard power house CMS, yet it is still easy to use and build upon. That is why it is so popular.
Theme design has matched the WP CMSs evolution step for step, thanks to the many talented designers and developers, we showcase the best free, and the relatively fresh themes the Wordpress community has to offer.

50 Free Blogger Themes

Blogger may not be the first blogging platform you would choose, it does have a reputation of being lacklustre, featureless and the bog standard skins have the look and feel of a site that was designed five years ago. That reputation is maybe a little bit exaggerated, but really, when was the last time you had a look at Blogger?

43 Groundbreaking Free WordPress Themes

In this post we have some of the most groundbreaking and free WordPress themes from 2008. FFF and Lemon Twist WordPress theme v1.5 DM-Bloodless ( Illacrimo (Design Disease) Zeke 1.0 + Widgets WordPress Themes ( PolarLight v2.2 beta (JsBlog) Yoghourt ( Futurosity EOS WP Theme NIGHT WHIMSY (Scribble Scratch) Artueel Theme ( Free “WP Premium” Theme ( Modicus Remix (ArtCulture)…

The Best WordPress Admin Themes

WordPress Administration can be a bland and boring thing, after a while it becomes tiresome. Time for a change, freshen things up. The availability of WP Admin themes is not great, so below to make things easier for everyone I have compiled a list of the best admin themes available. These themes are not only good for personal use, but…

Free WordPress Theme (The Dark Hut)

This theme has been a change for me, I went for a darker look. I kept to my usual style of using a minimal amount of images, in this case images for the logo and RSS buttons only, and relied upon css styling, maintaining my philosophy of keeping it simple. Like all my themes these were designed with the web…