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Sublime Text WordPress Extensions

In this short post we have highlighted 10 Sublime Text WordPress extensions that will help when developing with everybodies favorite CMS. When it comes to code text editors, in the past year or so Sublime Text 2 has well and truly established itself as the most popular and most loved editor available. It’s lightweight, super-easy-to-use, supports a multitude of programming…


Using WordPress as a REST API for a Mobile App

Often when making mobile apps you will need your app to get the latest content from your website, or if there is not a website already with content some way of putting new or timely content into the mobile app. Of course you do not want to have to update your app via iTunes, the Play Store or whatever, as…

Building a Featured Posts Section in WordPress

In order to complete this featured posts section in WordPress, you will need to use secondary and tertiary WordPress Loops, PHP and XHTML coding (with some light CSS), and a small piece of jQuery code for optional animations and transition effects. The overall process is quite easy, and here’s how it’s done on the average WordPress-based website: Step 1: Placing…


Side-Out Social Media Buttons in WordPress

There are several great methods for integrating social media buttons in WordPress. These buttons are typically paired alongside every single post, allowing for piece-by-piece sharing of a site’s best work. While some websites have taken to turning these buttons into central design elements, other websites prefer a more subtle approach. Indeed, the key to the survival of any blog is…


30 Free Minimal Responsive WordPress Themes from 2012

In this round-up we have compiled some of the best free, minimal responsive WordPress themes that have been released in this past year (2012). All of the themes will work perfectly straight out-of-the-box, but their real beauty lies in that they are a fantastic foundation for further development. Balancing content with minimal layouts is not an easy path to take,…


Turning a Template into a WordPress Theme

There’s simply no point in overlooking the internet’s vast collection of web templates just because you find the WP conversion process daunting. Turning a basic web template into a WordPress theme simply requires some slice-and-dice routines and a little bit of patience. Here’s how to do it: The First Step: Opening the Template’s Index File The first step in the…