10 Useful Website Building Platforms and Tools

Affordability and ease of use are both important when selecting a website-building tool. Cutting corners on cost, or focusing on ease of use, while ignoring other performance factors, can be costly.

A tool that places limits on your creativity, can place limits on your income. Thus, it’s important to look for these extra qualities in a web-building tool:

  • The ability to control your design to the pixel level is key. Templates that allow only minimal customization may work for some page designs. But they’ll usually come up short when attempting to create a unique, professional-looking website.
  • Insist on a platform that allows simple and flexible content management. Since much of what you do involves managing content, you want to make doing so as easy as possible.
  • If a tool doesn’t support mobile applications or responsive design, give it a pass. Most visitors will likely be using mobile devices.
  • Social media integration counts. Social media is a powerhouse when it comes to expanding a brand. This is especially true with the mobile crowd. A social media integration capability is something you should insist upon.

Select from these 10 platforms and tools, and you can’t go wrong!


If you’ve been searching for a simple, yet powerful web design platform that is capable of creating ultra-modern and responsive websites, then SnapPages could be the answer. According to SnapPages, they have created a site builder with the perfect blend of simplicity and power so that you can seamlessly create your own professional website. Instead of offering a wide range of non-essential features, the creators of this web tool focused on what they knew most web designers wanted and needed.

SnapPages 3.0 has been redesigned from the ground up, making it simpler to use, and more powerful than ever. This is a design platform that anyone can use. The editing function primarily consists of three basic steps – Drag, Drop, Done.

The SnapPages editor is certainly one of the easiest, if not the easiest-to-use editors on the market. The package includes a set of beautifully-designed templates, plus innovative page ‘Sections’ that you’ll love working with while developing your website’s pages.

The SnapPages design platform integrates easily and seamlessly with the leading third-parties for add-ons.


Clean, standards-compliant code is the foundation of a high-performing website. And Webflow gives you the power to produce lean, semantic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – without writing a line of it.

Instead, Webflow transforms your design decisions into markup for you, giving designers and developers instant, visual feedback and a faster way to build websites. Plus, its built-in CMS makes it easy to create totally custom content structures to shape your designs.

All that makes Webflow an excellent tool for both freelance and in-house designers to produce fully functional prototypes to show clients, hand off to dev, or run user testing with.

Once your design’s approved, you can go live with a click via Webflow Hosting, or export your code to use anywhere (though CMS content can’t be exported – yet). So there’s nothing blocking you from building exactly the website you’re envisioning.

Try Webflow today, for free, and find out why over 500,000 web designers count on Webflow to bring their ideas to life.


Whether it’s a portfolio, an e-commerce store or a blog, it’s easy to build a professional website on Pixpa. Designed for creative professionals and small businesses, Pixpa makes building your website a breeze with no technical or coding skills needed.

Showcase your work through beautiful, customizable themes; Grow your business with integrated E-commerce tools; and Manage your clients using Online Client Proofing with secure, digital file delivery. Pixpa enables you to showcase, sell and share online with ease and style.

All Pixpa websites are mobile-friendly, optimized for search engines and social media ready, so your potential clients can find and reach you anytime, anywhere. A drag-and-drop interface, 24X7 support, fast hosting and affordable, cost-effective pricing makes Pixpa the website builder of choice for you.


Bookmark offers a new dimension in website building. This web design platform uses Artificial Intelligence technology to determine the wants and needs of its customers.

The AI knowledge gained is then put to work to create your perfect website. Millions of combinations provide the basis for allowing you to create a website unlike any other. Watch the demo to view Bookmark’s ADI capabilities.

Themify Builder

There’s no need to struggle with code, or have to rely on special technical skills, when you can drag and drop your way to creating a ready-to-go website. The Themify Builder also allows you to preview your design in real time as you progress – in true WYSIWYG fashion. Themify Builder is part of the Themify framework, and it can be used as such; or, you can use the Builder plugin with any third-party theme.

Simbla Website Builder

Simbla is based on Bootstrap, the most popular framework for creating professional- looking, responsive, mobile-first projects on the web. The Simbla platform features a wealth of design, development, and SEO tools to help you create websites within minutes.

Simbla is the perfect solution for startups and businesses large and small. Just sign up, and you can access your site instantly, and without the need to install anything.


Who can profit from using SITE123? Anyone who needs a website. Whether you’re a web design pro or a business owner, a singer or a plumber, a startup or a blogger; this website builder is for you.

Rather than burden you with an excess of options, SITE123 has only those options needed to get the job done. This is an easy-to-use website builder that generates responsive websites ready for great SEO results. Try it and see. It’s totally free!


Simvoly offers an elegant solution on getting up online really fast. Whether it’s an online store, a blog, or a presentation website, this drag and drop builder is more than up to the task.

Whatever you choose to build will be mobile friendly, fast and secure, a necessity in this day and age. Sign of for a free trial. Live chat is there to help you get on your way.


uCoz is an excellent product that may be just up your alley if you enjoy crawling under the hood and editing code to make a website much better.

The uCoz platform is feature-rich, it’s extremely flexible, and it gives you full control over your work. Their pricing plan offers good value for the money.


The guiding philosophy behind uKit, is that every business, big or small, deserves to have an online home. Consequently, this modern, and still evolving, website builder is ideal for the novice. 

The platform with its drag-and-drop features and designer-made themes, requires no coding, and allows you to create your online presence in minutes instead of hours or days.


If you need something that will let you establish an online presence without writing code, you’ll find it here. Conversely, if you would rather do what you set out to do by editing code, there’s something for you as well. This selection of tools and platforms offers something for everyone, at prices ranging from affordable to free.