20 Elite Themeforest Authors Reveal Their 5 Favourite Web Design Tools

I bet you think that WordPress theme development needs tons of web design tools? Well, think again.

Recently I asked 20 elite authors from Themeforest a simple question:

If you could only use five design tools for WordPress development, which tools would you choose?

My overall goal was to discover what actually are the best and most popular WordPress development tools, and hopefully by asking these 20 elite designers the tools would reveal themselves. Well guess what… they actually have:

Here are the results:

Final Results:
Favourite Web Design Tools (as voted by 22 experts)

Below you’ll find the answers from the designers with the descriptions of their choices.

Click on author’s name to see his answer.

The Power Elite Authors:
Kriesi, Stmcan, Ait, Sara_p & GoodLayers.

The Elite Authors:
Bwsm, ZERGE,GhostPool, ThemeBeans, Designova, Freshface, Codestag, Pirenko, Webbu, THBThemes, Progression Studios, Themes Kingdom, Orange Themes, Design Themes, Cms Masters, Themedutch & Pixelgrade.

Kriesi – Power Elite Author

Stmcan – Power Elite Author

AitThemes – Power Elite Author

Sara_p – Power Elite Author

GoodLayers – Power Elite Author

Bwsm – Elite Author

Progression Studios – Elite Author

ZERGE – Elite Author

GhostPool – Elite Author

ThemeBeans – Elite Author

Designova – Elite Author

Themeskingdom – Elite Author

Orange-themes – Elite Author

Freshface – Elite Author

Codestag – Elite Author

Pirenko – Elite Author

Webbu – Elite Author

Designthemes – Elite Author

THBThemes – Elite Author

Themedutch – Elite Author

Pixelgrade – Elite Author

Cmsmasters – Elite Author


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Final Results:
Favourite Web Design Tools (as voted by 22 experts)

Now, it’s your turn

If you could only use five tools for WordPress development, which tools would you choose?


  • Amit Kolambikar

    Great article Ivan!! Next time can you write one on which would be the best method to make theme options ? A custom made framework or Options ?

  • Good article, would be good to hear more about the workflow involved in using these tools.

    Also, I hope they’ve all been generous in giving back to the fine folk who develop the free resources!

  • Tim

    I don’t really understand these answers. How is jQuery a web design tool? It is a development tool. So are most of the other choices.

  • Ivan, this is an incredibly insightful article! if you want to be a multi-million dollar developer, you’re going to have to use the same tools and frameworks. You do what works, and you can see that what they are doing works. Thank you for this article!

  • Pé Nana

    I don’t see Peerapong ??

  • Thank you very much Ivan for the article, this is good example of the most intelligent developer on themeforest and the tools that they worked on. We really must strength our knowledge to work with these tools.

  • thanks for the article. Anyway, where the Orman Clark??

  • Great to see that these tools have held out and are still great today!