• awesome tutorials for a logo designs

  • What’s cool about most of these logos is the vibrant energy they are displaying. It’s truly a talented designer that can make a 2d object appear to dance, sing and cry out. Awesome work

  • sandeep

    very gud, thanks

  • Glomera Jibbwa

    Thanks To This . VERY HELPFUL

  • Thanks for this list. It helps me to improve my Illustrator skills.

  • cool …. I like all, but the most I like cuore 3D glossy.

  • arsalan

     All are awesome

  • Ricky Martin

    Great list of inspiring logo design tutorials. Here is another one :

    This Logo have lot of techniques and it’s easy ^^.

  • Amro Best

    You can also check this :

    Hi thank you for this helpful collections
    I found this around might be help beginners .