A Roundup of Free & Beautifully Designed UI Kits

As people who design and build for the web, we are pretty lucky that there’s such a wide range of other people out there who can help us. Whether it’s from answers on StackOverflow, to tutorials on sites like this, to freebies that we can use in our own designs, the design and development community have always been great at helping others improve.

One thing that I’ve found especially useful when working on web apps are the beautifully designed UI kits that have been released for free. UI kits can be extraordinarily useful when you want to get an app up and ready quickly, without compromising on the aesthetics and usability. A really well designed UI kit can help an app build its own visual identity and feel, instead of looking like a mishmash of different buttons, checkboxes and form fields.

To help get you up and running with your next app or website, I wanted to bring together a roundup of some of my favourite UI kits that are all available for free. Please do check the license agreement before using them though, as some may not be available for commercial projects. Enjoy!

Free UI Kits

Mini UI Kit (Sketch).
Mini UI Kit

Jefferson UI Kit (PSD).
Jefferson UI Kit

Dijon UI Kit (PSD).
Dijon Free UI Kit

Elements UI Kit (PSD).
Elements Free UI Kit

Sven Modern UI Kit (PSD).
Sven Modern Free UI Kit

Flat UI Kit (PSD).
Flat UI Kit

Joocy UI Kit (PSD).
Joocy UI Kit

Android Lollipop UI Kit (Sketch)
Android Lollipop UI Kit

Hero Flat UI Kit (PSD)
Hero Flat UI Kit

Eventray UI Kit (PSD)
Eventray UI Kit

Sketch UI Kit (Sketch)
Sketch UI Kit

Space Ui Kit (PSD)
Space Ui Kit

Retina UI Kit (PSD)
Retina UI Kit


Elements UI KIT (PSD).
Elements UI KIT

Material Design Ui Kit (PSD).
Material Design Ui Kit

Flat UI Kit (Sketch).
Flat UI Kit


So there you have it – a roundup of my favourite UI kits, all available to download for free. If you know of any others, or if you’ve created any that you’d like to show off, I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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