50+ Free Web & Mobile UI Templates for Figma


Designing a user interface is a complex task that requires careful consideration of various design elements, including layout, typography, color, and usability. However, with the right tools, the process becomes much more manageable.

Figma is a widely popular prototyping tool for designers, known for its range of user-friendly features that make creating beautiful interfaces easier. As a collaborative design tool, it allows multiple users to work on a project simultaneously, making it perfect for large or remote teams.

Designing an interface from scratch can be time-consuming, which is why using a web or a mobile UI kit is a great way to speed up the design process. By using a premade design kit, you don’t have to spend time creating each UI element from scratch. Instead, you can focus on laying out those elements in the most logical and visually appealing way. A UI kit can also help ensure consistency throughout your design, making your interface look professional and polished.

We’ve curated a collection of the best free mobile and web UI kits and templates for Figma. Check them out below, download them, and save time on your next UI design project. With these UI kits, you’ll be able to create high-quality interfaces in a fraction of the time it would take to design them from scratch.

If you’re new to Figma, you might like to take a look at this collection of Figma tutorials.

Web UI Templates for Figma

Responsive Portfolio Template

Download this 24-page responsive personal portfolio Figma template. It includes both desktop and mobile versions, and it is also compatible with Sketch and Adobe XD.

Responsive Portfolio free figma template

Bricks Wireframing UI Kit

Bricks is a extensive components library for Figma that has been designed for creating wireframes or as the starting point of your own design system.

Bricks UI Kit Free Figma Web UI Kit Template

Mechanical UI Kit 1.0

Mechanical is a free UI Kit for desktop interfaces that includes a full set of components, including buttons, inputs, dropdowns, calendars, menus, toggles, sliders, and table elements.

Mechanical UI KIT 1.0 Free Figma Web UI Kit Template

Relume Library Figma Kit

With over 800 components, pages, and templates, the free Relume Library kit is a must-download for Figma users.

Relume Library Figma Kit Free Figma Web UI Kit Template

34 Handy UI Components

34 Handy UI Components free figma template

Call To Action Blocks Figma Templates

Calls to action are among the most important elements of any website or app. This kit will help you quickly create a high-converting call-to-action block.

Call To Action Blocks free figma ui web layout template

Notable Free Email Templates

Available in light and dark color schemes, Notable is an email design system and styleguide with a collection of 30 screens.

Notable Email Template Free Figma Web UI Kit Template

Marka Email Template Generator

Marka Email Generator free figma template

Createx Website Templates

Createx is a collection of five Figma web layout templates for eCommerce, education, creative agency, digital marketing, and construction.

Createx Website Templates figma ui kit

Wireframe Library for Figma

This is a simple Figma plugin for quickly creating wireframes, prototypes, or just basic UI structures.

Wireframe Library free figma template

Breakpoints Responsive Figma Plugin

Breakpoints is a new free plugin that allows you to test responsive design layouts within a Figma frame.

Breakpoints Responsive Plugin free figma ui kit

Web Dashboard & Statistics Template

Try this Figma kit if you need to create a web dashboard or a stats panel. The template includes a light and dark mode and several components to help you create a powerful and modern dashboards.

Web Dashboard Statistics free figma ui web layout template

Bookshop Figma Website Template

Quickly mock up a bookshop website with the help of this Figma template. The template includes an illustrated banner and is free for personal use.

Bookshop Figma Website free figma ui web layout template

Brutalist Web Kit for Figma

If you love the brutalist trend, this UI kit will be right up your alley. The template includes over 70 screens with sections for testimonials, services, team members, and more. The template is free for personal and commercial projects.

Brutalist Web Kit figma ui web layout template

Mobile UI Kits for Figma

iOS 16 UI Kit for Figma

This free Figma file includes a multitude of components and templates to help you get up and running quickly on your next iOS project.

iOS 16 UI Kit for Figma Free Figma Web UI Kit Template

Nucleus UI Component Library

Nucleus is a free UI library with 300 components and over 30 screens. It provides all the building blocks you need to rapidly design your next mobile app.

Nucleus UI Component Library free figma ui kit

Onir Mobile App Landing Page Template

This template is easy to use and customize and includes well-organized layers, 15 artboards, and three page variations for creating mobile landing pages.

Onir - Mobile App Landing Page Figma Template free figma ui web layout template

Grada Figma UI Kit

This is a beautiful and dark UI mobile kit for Figma. It has many of the elements needed to create rich mobile interfaces, so be sure to add it to your library.

Grada Figma UI Kit free figma ui mobile kit

Notes Mobile App Template for Figma

Notes Mobile App Template for Figma Template free figma ui web layout template

Survival Kit for iOS Design

Survival Kit for iOS Design free figma template

Ticketapp Figma Template

If you’re working on a ticketing app, this UI kit will come in handy. It works with both Figma and Sketch and includes ticket buying screens, seat selection, and more.

Ticketapp Figma Template free figma ui mobile kit

Material-UI React Components in Figma

This kit is based on Google’s Material Design, and it incorporates components such as bars, avatars, badges, expansion panels, and more. The kit is free for personal and commercial projects and fully compatible with the React Material-UI library.

Material-UI React Components free figma ui mobile kit

Chat Dashboard Figma Template

Consider this free Figma UI mobile kit when working on a chat dashboard. The kit features a full-screen interface for a chat app, and you can easily customize it to match your project needs.

Chat Dashboard free figma ui mobile kit

Finance Wireframe Template for Figma

These finance wireframe templates will come in handy whenever you need to create an interface for a payment processor, banking, accounting, or any other finance app. It can be used in personal and commercial projects.

Finance Wireframe free figma ui mobile kit

Deca Kit for Figma

Deca is a beautifully designed UI library of components. With over 150 components, you will find everything you need to complete your next project quickly.

Deca web free figma ui kit

Login Wallet Mobile UI Kit for Figma

Quickly create a mobile wallet login screen with the help of this UI kit. The kit is free for personal projects and can easily be customized with your choice of colors and fonts.

Login Wallet free figma ui mobile kit

Atro Mobile Figma UI Kit

This beautiful minimal UI kit contains 12 screens to bring your app vision to life. The kit includes various icons, screen elements, and fully vectorized elements.

Atro free figma ui mobile kit

iOS iPhone GUI

If you need iOS 10 UI elements, check out this kit. The Facebook Design team designed it and includes elements such as search bars, drawers, avatars, badges, and more.

ios free figma ui mobile kit

Styleguide Templates & Starter Kits for Figma

Figma Starter Kit

This Figma starter kit contains basic UI elements such as forms, buttons, and icons. It is available in light and dark versions and is free for personal and commercial projects.

Starter Kit free figma ui styleguide kit

Paper Wireframe Kit

This simple wireframe kit is a great choice when you need to start prototyping your design quickly. To use it, select the components you need, drop them on your screen, and start customizing them.

Paper Wireframe Kit free figma ui styleguide kit

Product Design Kit for Figma

This kit touts itself as the ultimate design kit for Figma. You can easily create high-fidelity wireframes, user interfaces and style guides for desktop products. It’s fully customizable and free.

roduct Design Kit free figma ui styleguide kit

Dashboard UI Kit 2.0

This dashboard UI kit is an excellent choice to mock up a web or mobile app dashboard. It comes with fully responsive mobile screens and includes a collection of charts, graphs, onboarding screens, a set of icons, and a detailed style guide.

Figma Design System UI Styleguide

If you need to create a design system in Figma, this kit has everything. The kit contains patterns, typography, color, and other settings needed to create a complete styleguide.

Design System UI Styleguide free figma kit

Eggplore Figma UI StyleGuide

This is a simple and free UI style guide for Figma that you can download, use, and adapt to your needs. The kit is free for personal and commercial projects.

Eggplore free figma ui styleguide kit

Button UI Design System for Figma

Thanks to this free UI design system, you can quickly and easily create buttons in Figma. The template is free for personal and commercial projects.

Button UI Design System free figma ui styleguide kit

Open Design Systems Repo

This is a fantastic resource for anyone who uses Figma. It is a directory that allows you to discover and download all of the open design systems currently available for Figma.

Open Design Systems Repo Free Figma Web UI Kit Template

Icon Sets for Figma

Dripicons Figma Library

This set of Dripicons was explicitly created for Figma and can be downloaded and used in both personal and commercial projects. You can duplicate this file into your own Figma account with a single click.

Dripicons free figma ui icon set

Ripple Icon Library

The free Ripple icon set includes over 500 icons in three styles (line, fill, and duo-tone), all of which are completely editable.

Ripple Icon Library Free Figma Web UI Kit Template

Social Network Icon Collection 2022

This beautifully simple collection of 34 icons covers all major social media services and includes color and black-and-white versions.

Social Network Icon Collection free figma template

55 Crypto Logos

If you’re working on a cryptocurrency or blockchain project, this is the free icon set for you. Over fifty logos of the most popular services are included in the template.

55 Crypto Logos free figma template

Website Page Builder Icon Pack

Use this icon set if you need to create a user interface for a page builder. The set was inspired by the most popular page builders out there.

Website Page Builder free figma ui icon set

Evericons for Figma

This set contains 460 icons that can be used for any project. The set is free for personal and commercial projects.

vericons free figma ui icon set

Shopping Icons for Figma

This set of 60 icons is perfect for an online store, shopping application, or website. The icons have adjustable line widths and can be used in Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop, and more.

Shopping Icons free figma ui icon set

Figma Social Icons

Try this set if you want to add social media icons to your designs. The set contains over 100 icons that are easy to customize and can be used in personal and commercial projects.

Social Icons free figma ui icon set

Computer and IT Figma Icons

Check out these computer and IT icons for Figma if you’re working on an IT project. The kit contains 60 icons.

Computer and IT figma ui icon set

Material Icons Figma Library

This free collection of icons includes over 1000 icons that can be used in any type of project or prototype, including commercial and personal projects.

Material Icons free figma ui icon set

Figma Font Awesome 5 Icon Component Library

This icon set is based on Font Awesome and contains over 1200 unique icons. They can be downloaded and used for free in any personal project.

Font Awesome 5 Icon Component Library free figma ui icon set

Figma Entypo Icon Component Library

This library of Entypo icons was made specifically for Figma. It includes 411 vector icons ready to use for your next UX design project. The library can also be used for free in personal projects.

Entypo free figma ui icon set

Flowchart Templates for Figma

Greyhound Flowchart Templates for Figma

This set of flowchart templates comes with more than 200 cards to help you quickly create flowchart and sitemap prototypes. The kit is free for personal and commercial projects.

Greyhound free figma flowchart data table

Design Presentation Template for Figma

This free template has been designed so that you can quickly create professional presentations of your UI creations. It comes with a variety of completely customizable buttons, charts, and text blocks so you can make your presentation your own.

Design Presentation Template free figma template

Figma UI Kit & Template FAQs

  • What is Figma?
    Figma is a popular web-based UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) design tool. The tool allows you to create, collaborate, and share your work online.
  • Why Use Templates in Figma?
    Templates will speed up your design process. They offer ready-to-use components and layouts, which you can customize to fit your project, saving time and effort.
  • Are These Templates Really Free?
    Yes, they are! The Figma templates above are available at no cost. It’s always good to check their license, though, as some might have certain restrictions.
  • Can Beginners Use These Figma Templates?
    These templates are great for beginners. They provide a solid starting point and can help you understand how to structure your UI designs effectively.
  • How Much Can I Customize These Templates?
    You can customize a lot! Adjust colors, fonts, and layout elements to fit your specific needs. The flexibility varies with each template, but generally, there’s plenty of room for creativity.
  • Do I Need Any Special Software to Use These Templates?
    All you need is Figma, which is accessible through any web browser. You don’t need to download any additional software to use these templates.
  • Can I Use These Figma Templates for Commercial Projects?
    Many templates are available for both personal and commercial use, but always check the specific terms set by the template designer, as some might have limitations or require attribution.


Figma makes it easy to quickly create beautiful prototypes for mobile apps, web apps, dashboards, sitemaps, and any other UI project you need. With the help of these Figma UI kits, you will be able to prototype your designs more quickly, so be sure to add them to your library today.

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