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CSS has hugely improved forms. Where once you had very rudimentary forms that looked plain and un-styled, CSS lets you style your form however you want and create rich and robust forms. Even a simple contact form can look slick and increase readability and user-friendliness – which means more visitors will fill it out and you’ll get more results based on that action.

Like with any web design, there’s no need for you to reinvent the wheel – use these CSS form templates, tools and services to speed up your CSS form creation. Whether grabbing code snippets, using these templates as design inspiration, or simply using them whole, the point isn’t ultimately to try build everything from scratch by yourself, but rather have the best-looking and, more importantly, most-effective website possible. One that increases your desired results through visitors using your CSS form.

CSS3 Forms Library

CSS3 Forms Library
The CSS3 Forms Library styles text boxes, text areas, buttons, radios, and partially select drop downs.
CSS3 Forms Library →Demo via jsFiddle →

Form CSS

Form CSS
Form CSS is a basic but clean form style. Good for when you don’t need bells and whistles with your style but still want it looking like something other than the web browser default.
Form CSS →Demo via jsFiddle →

Simple CSS Form (WittySparks)

Simple CSS Form (WittySparks)
WittySparks Simple CSS Form is a clean and subtly-colorful form. Good for a fun-yet-professional look – since the rounded corners provide the fun but the subdued colors and clean layout provide the professional.
Simple CSS Form (WittySparks) →View Demo →

Complicated CSS Form (WittySparks)

Complicated CSS Form (WittySparks)
WittySparks Complicated CSS Form is like the Simple version but, as the name implies, includes more form options. It still retains the fun-yet-professional vibe with the rounded corners and subtle colors.
Complicated CSS Form (WittySparks) →View Demo →

Semantic Form

Semantic Form
Semantic Form allows you to quickly build a form with terse, semantic markup and have it come out looking decent.
Semantic Form →Demo via jsFiddle →

CSS Globe – 5 Web Form Styles

CSS Globe - 5 Web Form Styles
CSS Globe offers 5 web form styles, ranging from dark-and-slick to fun handwritten to old-fashioned letter envelope and more.
CSS Globe – 5 Web Form Styles →View Demo →

Clean and Pure CSS Form

Clean and Pure CSS Form
A tutorial on how to design a clean and pure CSS form without using html tables. Code snippets is provided along with a download of the source code, so you can just copy/paste this bad boy into your stylesheet and web page.
Clean and Pure CSS Form →Demo via jsFiddle →

Beautiful CSS Forms

Beautiful CSS Forms
A tutorial on how to take a standard form and make it special with some simple CSS tricks and techniques. This will improve the usability, aesthetics and layout, while picking up design cues from the existing design elements.
Beautiful CSS Forms →

Pretty CSS3 Web Form

Pretty CSS3 Web Form
A tutorial that shows how to turn a boring web form into a beautiful one using CSS3. Code snippets are included along with downloadable source code for your copy/pasting convenience.
Pretty CSS3 Web Form →View Demo →

Pure CSS Web Form

Pure CSS Web Form
A tutorial on how to use pure CSS to style a web form dynamically. Code snippets are given along with a download of the source code for your convenience.
Pure CSS Web Form →View Demo →

Simple CSS Forms

Simple CSS Forms
Simple CSS Forms →

Nice & Simple Contact Form

Nice & Simple Contact Form
Simple CSS Forms is an easily-customizable forms setup that helps you create quick prototypes and final products of web sites. It is cross-browser compatible.
Nice & Simple Contact Form →View Demo →


RMSforms is a CSS forms framework that helps web designers avoid headaches by solving browser inconsistencies and making sure your form’s layout is correct, both visually and semantically.
RMSforms →Demo →

Formy CSS Frameworks

Formy CSS Frameworks
Formy is a CSS framework for better form management. The universal CSS interacts with an HTML form in a simple and natural way so that the form will work decently well even without CSS. The reason for this is there’s a limitation to a form that’s built purely with CSS: it becomes inaccessible if it’s viewed in a browser that doesn’t fully support the used CSS code.
Formy CSS Frameworks →Demo →


Uni-Form is a framework that standardizes form markup and styles it with CSS giving you two most widely used layout options to choose from. You can get nice looking, well structured, highly customizable, accessible and usable forms, making your web design job a lot easier.
Uni–Form →Demo →


Formee is a framework to help you develop and customize web based forms. It alleviates the need for you to spend a lot of time aligning fields and calculating margins and paddings. Formee is cross-browser-compatible, flexible, and customizable.
Formee →Demo →

Formalize CSS

Formalize CSS
Formalize CSS is a form framework that gives you a measure of control over form elements, without changing them so drastically as to appear foreign in a user’s operating system. This results in consistent CSS forms across all browsers.
Formalize CSS →Demo →

FAARY – Free, Online CSS Form Generator

FAARY - Free, Online CSS Form Generator
FAARY is a free online CSS form generator. You simply type your form’s contents (each item in a new new line), then click the generate button, and you have a CSS form created for you – ready for download and insertion into your web page.
FAARY – Free, Online CSS Form Generator →

JotForm – Easiest Form Builder

JotForm - Easiest Form Builder
JotForm is a easy-to-use CSS form builder. It features a WYSIWYG interface (what you see is what you get). That means no code – you simply pick an element you want to add and drag it onto the “work area” where you visually build your form. That’s it. There are a lot of elements included, from the basic text fields and buttons to survey and payment elements. When you’re done, you click save and you’re ready to add your form to your web page.
JotForm – Easiest Form Builder →

Accessible Form Builder

Accessible Form Builder
Accessible Form Builder is, as the name implies, a simple step-by-step form builder that generates forms which are accessible to anyone, especially visually-impaired users.
Accessible Form Builder →

Web Form Theme Editor – FormAssembly.com

Web Form Theme Editor - FormAssembly.com
Web Form Theme Editor is a form builder that’s easy-to-use and features a WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get). You select a color scheme, background, typography, border, effects, and elements from a visual interface.
Web Form Theme Editor →

Form Style Generator

Form Style Generator
Form Style Generator is a simple form style generator that lets you quickly create a style for your forms. Run through and select the parameters for your form style, then download and insert the CSS code it generates for you into your stylesheet.
Form Style Generator →

Wufoo – Online Form Builder

Wufoo is one of the most popular and easiest form builders. It helps you easily create contact forms, online surveys, and invitations so you can collect the data, registrations and online payments you need without writing a single line of code.
Wufoo – Online Form Builder →

Formstack – Online Form Builder Formstack

Formstack is an easy-to-use form builder and data collector/manager. It features an easy drag-and-drop online form builder that lets you build any type of web form to help your organization collect data online. No programming or HTML experience needed.
Formstack – Online Form Builder Formstack →

Icebrrg – HTML Web Forms

Icebrrg lets you easily build online forms – no programming, software, technical or design skills and experience needed. Icebrrg further simplifies form creation by handling the hosting of your forms.
Icebrrg – HTML Web Forms →

FormLogix Form Builder

FormLogix is an online form builder tool for creating web databases and web forms. The form builder is a WYSIWYG tool (what you see is what you get) and it requires zero coding skills.
FormLogix Form Builder →

MachForm – PHP HTML Form Builder

MachForm is an intuitive, browser-based, self-hosted HTML form builder program that lets you quickly create web forms and collect results. No writing of code needed. MachForm is designed as a modern HTML form builder, it makes use of the latest web technologies like AJAX, CSS, and Javascript to provide a fluid browser-based experience.
MachForm – PHP HTML Form Builder →

Questionform – Create Online Surveys and Forms

Questionform is a web application for creating, publishing and analyzing online surveys and forms. The form creator is simple to use, and best of all, unlike most other comparable services in this category, Questionform is free.
Question Form – Create Online Surveys and Forms →

Over to you: what are your favorite CSS form templates, tools and/or services? Feel free to share your essential picks in the comments section below.

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