8 CSS & JavaScript Snippets for Recreating Iconic Titles


Title sequences can become iconic. These familiar scenes from movies, television, and video games often become etched in our memories.

They also serve as a cultural marker of sorts, helping us define an era. For example, Star Wars has come to define the late 1970s and early 1980s. These days, the title of Stranger Things has forged its own signature.

Thus, it’s no wonder that web designers use title sequences as a proving ground. By recreating their favorites in CSS and JavaScript, they’re sharpening their skills and paying tribute.

Let’s have a look at eight famous titles that designers felt worthy of imitation. Some are spot-on facsimiles, while others use a bit more artistic license. But they’re all worth celebrating in our book.

Avengers Infinity Title Morph

The Avengers comic and movie series is a worldwide phenomenon. This morphing presentation starts with the unmistakable logo and shuffles through various characters. SVG and JavaScript combine here to create a smooth and sharp animation style – Hulk would be proud!

See the Pen Avengers:Infinity Morph by Noah Malewicz

CSS Itchy & Scratchy from The Simpsons

Everyone’s favorite cartoon cat and mouse are represented here with pure CSS. The opening title (shown in countless episodes of The Simpsons) demonstrates the power of CSS positioning and transforms. It might even outshine the intentionally simplistic style of the original.

See the Pen CSS Itchy &Scratchy (from The Simpsons) by Alvaro

Animated CSS Title from Frozen

The title text from the much-adored Disney films is recreated using a variety of CSS techniques. The snippet combines gradients, blend modes, and background clipping to bring the logo to life. Even better is that you can customize the text by clicking and writing a message.

See the Pen CSS only Frozen text by Mandy Michael

Netflix Intro Animation in Pure CSS

Ready for some binge-worthy shows? This Netflix intro sequence looks incredibly authentic. Best of all – there’s not a single line of JavaScript in sight. This intricate presentation fully consists of HTML and CSS.

See the Pen Netflix Intro Animation Pure CSS by Claudio Bonfati

SNL Text Animation

Live from the web, it’s Saturday night! The legendary Saturday Night Live has gone through multiple styles. This animation reflects the modern motif, with a mix of hand-drawn letters and the New York City skyline. The best part? You don’t have to stay up late to watch.

See the Pen SNL Text Animation by Tom Miller

Responsive Pac-Man Title & Playable Game

While not a full-on recreation of the title sequence, this PAC-MAN snippet still looks familiar. And thanks to some clever JavaScript, you can play the game right on your device. Go ahead and give it a try – we’ll be here when you get back.

See the Pen Pac-Man Game (vanilla JS) – Responsive by Margaux Darriberouge

Friends TV Title & UI

Relive the glory days of the popular 90s sitcom with this snippet. The instantly-recognizable font and colors are all there. You’ll also find a card UI, with fun character quotes that display upon hovering over one.

See the Pen F.R.I.E.N.D.S by echobrain

Aliens Animated Title

This spooky glowing text from the sci-fi film franchise certainly sets the mood. And it was built using surprisingly little CSS. We’re not sure what’s scarier: the movies or the ease with which this was created!

See the Pen Aliens text animation by Chris Smith

The Fusion of Code & Pop Culture

Perhaps people don’t gather around the television to watch as a group these days. But TV shows, movies, and games still connect us. And the code-based tributes above are a fun way to share that bond.

They also demonstrate some impressive technical leaps forward. Web animation, typography, and special effects have evolved quite a bit. Each plays a role in making these snippets recognizable and enjoyable.

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