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25 Free Flat Design UI Kits and Templates

on UI Design

All of the UI templates and kits we have for you today have been designed in a Flat style. Meaning they have been created ‘without the usual gradients, pixel perfect shadows, and skeuomorphism…’

All of the kits are free, editable, and all are perfect for quickly creating web and mobile mockups.

Flat UI Kit (PSD)

Flat UI Kit by Connor Murphy PSD

Rampy Flat UI Kit (PSD)

Rampy Flat UI Kit v1.0 PSD

Flat Ui Kit (PSD)

Flat Ui Kit by Andrew McKay PSD

Flat Ui by NAS (PSD)

Flat Ui by NAS

UI Kit by Kamal Chaneman (PSD)

UI Kit by Kamal Chaneman

Modern Flat UI Kit (PSD)

Modern Flat UI Kit

Flat UI Kit (Sketch)

Flat UI Kit

Flat Blog UI Kit (PSD) by PSDExplorer

free Flat Blog gui templates Kit

Flat Widget UI Kit (PSD) by Riki Tanone

free Flat Widget UI Kit gui templates

Flat UI (PSD) by Andy Law

free Flat UI gui templates

Web App Flat UI (PSD) by Blaz Robar

Web App Flat UI gui templates

Flat Web Elements (PSD) by Alexey Anatolievich

Flat Web gui templates Elements

Web Browser UI Elements (PSD) by Bluroon

free Web Browser UI Elements

Flat Event Creation (PSD) by Seth Ely

free Flat Event Creation

Flat UI Buttons (PSD) by Alex Vanderzon

free Flat UI Buttons

Flat Mini UI Player (PSD) by David Magère

free Flat Mini UI Player

Flat UI Login Panel (PSD) by Valentin Scholz

Flat UI Login Panel

Metro Upload File Interface (PSD) by GraphicsFuel

free Metro Upload File Interface

Flat Icons (PSD) by Alberto

free Flat Icons

Flat Icons (PSD) by Vladimir Carrer

free Flat Icons

Flat Credit Cards (PSD) by Ian Silber

Flat Credit Cards

Vector Social Icons (EPS)

Vector Social Icons

Flat Vector Chrome Frame (PSD & AI) by Jeffrey Kam

free Flat Vector Chrome Frame

Flat Mini Browser (PSD) by Joe Barber

free Flat Mini Browser

Flat Browser Freebie (PSD) by Keyners

free Flat Browser Freebie