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20 Free High-Quality Gradient Sets for Photoshop

on Photoshop

Gradients used to be all the rage. Wherever you looked on the Internet, almost every website made use of gradients, whether as a full background for the entire website or in website elements such as headers and buttons.

Over time, though, gradients disappeared in favor of minimalistic design and later, flat and material design. And while gradients are still largely unpopular nowadays, there are times when using a gradient can add a special touch to your design. They can be used effectively to signify a transition between design sections, to add more visual interest, add an illusion of depth or smooth out your designs.

In short, a gradient is nothing more than one color fading into another. Photoshop gradients can be as simple as two colors or they can be complex and consist of multiple colors. While you can certainly create your own gradients from scratch, the good news is that you don’t have to.

There are many high-quality Photoshop gradients available online that you can use in your designs. Having a collection of premade gradients that you can quickly test out and apply to your designs is a true time-saver for any designer as you can speed up your design process.

We’ve gathered the best free high-quality gradient sets for Photoshop. You will find gradients suitable for any type of project and ranging from simple fade to black gradients to Apple-style gradients. Best of all, they are all in .GRD format and completely free to download and use in your projects.

Ocean Breeze (75 Gradients)

Ocean Breeze adobe photoshop 75 Gradients

Web Style (30 Gradients)

Web Style adobe photoshop 30 Gradients

Dark Photoshop (32 Gradients)

Dark Photoshop adobe photoshop 32 Gradients

Real Sky (13 Gradients)

Real Sky adobe photoshop 13 Gradients

Soft Blue (20 Gradients)

Soft Blue adobe photoshop 20 Gradients

Dooffy Gradients Set (30 Gradients)

Dooffy Gradients Set adobe photoshop 30 Gradients

Adobe CS3 Gradients (35 Gradients)

Adobe CS3 Gradients adobe photoshop 35 Gradients

Shattered Gradients (8 Gradients)

Shattered Gradients adobe photoshop 8 Gradients

Pastel (12 Gradients)

Pastel adobe photoshop 12 Gradients

iPhone Gradation Set (20 Gradients)

iPhone Gradation Set adobe photoshop 20 Gradients

Modern (75 Gradients)

Modern adobe photoshop 75 Gradients

ModernLife (22 Gradients)

ModernLife adobe photoshop 22 Gradients

09 Web Style (20 Gradients)

09 Web Style adobe photoshop 20 Gradients

PSD Photoshop Gradients (30 Gradients)

PSD Photoshop Gradients adobe photoshop 30 Gradients

Apple Gradients (54 Gradients)

Apple Gradients adobe photoshop 54 Gradients

Chic Sparkles

Chic Sparkles

AKLPs Gradient Pack (25 Gradients)

AKLPs Gradient Pack adobe photoshop 25 Gradients

The Wall Gradient Texpak

The Wall Gradient Texpak

Seamless adobe photoshop Fade To Black

Seamless adobe photoshop Fade To Black

Greyscale Gradient Pack (16 Gradients)

Greyscale Gradient Pack adobe photoshop 16 Gradients

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