KISS (keep it simple stupid) Styled WordPress Theme

Please Note: This WordPress theme is pretty old and will not be updated.

Kiss Theme

This site is very, very clean. Very, very, very simple. Anyone out there wishing to learn about WordPress Theme Design, this would be the perfect design to start with. This is almost the same as my starter template for all the sites I design, its a good base design without unnecessary extras.

Screenshot and Details

Keep It Simple StupidThe theme has two columns and is widget friendly.

The social bookmarks within the post-info area bar have been hard coded into the theme, no need for plugins.

It has been tested on Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Opera, and displays great.

Tested on WP 1.5 (does anyone still use this) upto WP 2.3.


Download: Keep It Simple Stupid Zip.

How to Install

1. Download the Winter Hut 2.1 Zip.
2. Unpack, and upload to the wp-content/themes/ directory on your server.
3. Login to your admin area and set Winter Hut 2.1 as the current theme.

I hope Winter Hut has been useful to you, please comment below.

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